Chapter 14

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Third person POV

After all the classes school was finally done. "Please study all music notes!"

All the students replied,screaming an "okay!". They all started packing up and leaving the room. Especially Xiao and Venti.

Venti was still thinking about how much he wanted to kill Lumine after what happened back at Ms.Jean class. As the two went out of school Venti spotted Lumine and quickly ran after her like a dog chasing a human.

But of course Xiao stopped him again,wrapping his stomach with his own arms. Venti saw the two walking out and disappeared to thin air. He knew he lost his chance again to tackle her. 

"Damn it Xiao! I could've gotten her!"He screamed at him which catch all the students who were leaving attentions.

"Shut up and stop making a scene already"Xiao said and  finally let go of Venti. Venti fell to the ground but immediately got up. "Ack! Fine! Your repaying me though"He said with a fake pout.

"What?! Why?"

"Cause you keep getting in my way!"

"Fine,what is it."he said,hoping it wouldn't be something 'too' bad.

Venti took some time to think and finally got it. "Hehe~!! Piggy back me till we reach the dorm"He said with a smirky face he had. "I'm sorry what?"

"You heard me. P i g g y back ride."he repeated his words. "I-but!"

"No butts!"Venti declined. Xiao had no choice but had to accept it. But of course he's not gonna do it in front of people. "Fine. But let's not do it with a lot of people. Come on"Xiao said,grabbing his wrist and went somewhere with less people.

"Here we go,now-"Xiao then got interrupted by Venti jumping behind his back which made Xiao nearly fell backwards but got his balance.

"Ah-Jesus! Don't do that again,I nearly fell!"Xiao grunted his teeth at him. "Ehe~ sorry!"He apologized as he wrapped his arms around Xiao shoulders.

"Now! Onwards! Ahead we go!!"Venti chuckled and point at the sky. Acting like a pirate. "Yeah yeah okay."Xiao gripped tightly onto Venti leg as they started walking.

Venti snuggled his head onto Xiao neck which made Xiao flinched and turned bright red but managed to ignore that.

'Ah..why did I agree to this'

It was about 10 minutes later they finally arrived. "Alright we're here,now get off"Xiao dropped Venti slowly so he wouldn't fall. Venti 'awe' and wanted to stay longer.

Xiao opened the door for the dorm and headed inside.

"Ima go shower first!!"Venti yelled as he dashed through the door,dropping his bag and went to his room then to the bathroom. Xiao couldn't deal with all of his nonsense energy stuffs.

He decided to drop his bag and lay down at the small sofa. He took out his phone and scroll through some stuff he sees in twt or insta.

5 minutes later

Venti finally came back from the bathroom. Wearing a over looking jacket,and had not-so short pants. His hair drip through the ground as he walked to the couch where Xiao was laying down at the edge.

Xiao noticed and gave a concern face of what he was wearing. "Bro what are you wearing..?"he asked. "Tbh I don't know,but it's actually kinda cozy though"Venti smiled and sat next to Xiao.

Xiao didn't wanna say anything next and just concentrate on looking in his phone.

"Say? Wanna get some food?"Venti asked.

No response came from Xiao.

"Okay.. Wanna like..EHHH watch something?"

No response. Xiao just completely ignoring Venti offers. 'Smh! Silent like a b'Venti thought to himself as he stared at him. Watching him texting or scrolling in his phone.

"You know it's your turn to take a bath"

Xiao didn't of course listen to him again. Venti gave a big sigh,kinda hurt that Xiao was ignoring him. Did he made him mad for what happened?

Ding ding Light bulb came to Venti mind. He giggled and Xiao heard him and knew what that giggle meant. 'Shit he's gonna do something'

He crawled up to Xiao and went between his legs. "Huh..? What are you doing..?"Finally Xiao said something

Venti smiled at him. "Ehe~! Hi"He laughed.

Xiao sighed and removed his phone from his face and placed it on top of the couch. Wondering what he wants.

"What yaaa doing?"Venti asked and wrapped his both arms around his back. "Looking at my phone why.?"

"Ohh? No reasons!"Venti chuckled as the hoodie fell onto him. Xiao gave a small smile and chuckled of how ridiculous and cute He looks in it. 'Shit what am I doing'

"I-uh should go and change to my normal clothes now."He said,staring deeply into Venti green,bluish eyes. "Can you get off..?"Xiao asked.

"I will. IF"

'Oh god.'

"If what..?"he answered. Venti soon got up and crawled up closer to his face, nearly touching noses. "If I could get at least a kiss"

Why all of a sudden. "What?! No."Xiao turned his head away from making eye contact and turned red. "Come on, you decline the other one last time and this is another one that you'll repay me aha!"Venti laughed and cupped both Xiao cheeks and made it faced directly at him.

"Come on! Only a quick one!! I promise!"Venti begged and begged.

'God so hungry for a kiss. Ugh.'. He closed his own eyes and sigh.. "Fine. Quick one..Only..."Xiao said in a quiet calm voice he had but he was actually irritated.

Venti eyes shimmered and sparkled and quickly touched Xiao chin and leaned his face closer and closer until there lips parted.

Xiao had an urge to pulled him closer but didn't and stopped himself. Venti gently ruffled his hair and pushed his head closer to his. He tightly gripped and held onto Xiao hand and had his legs between his,making Xiao back shiver a bit and his stomach have butterflies.

It continued on for about 18 sec till they both retrieved there head back,catching breathes and air to breath. Xiao quickly moved his head again to hide his red face and while Venti laughed at him.

"Ahhah..whoops! You said a quick one Hehe! Sorry!"He apologized. "..."Xiao didn't say anything yet and still didn't face him.

"Ehe~ Xiao your so cute when your nervous~"Venti said,grabbing him by the chin and moved his face closer to his.

'What the hell. Does he hear himself? Why is he becoming all flirty n shit'

"I-I'm not nervous..Auck-! At least  now,you got your 'repay' and stuffs and a totally 'quick' kiss,now get off of me."He said as he pushed Venti off of him.

"Hehe! Alright then!"Venti giggled and lay his back onto the couch and watched Xiao walked to his own room.

When Xiao walked to his room,he went to his drawer and crouched down. Suddenly he started to think in his head of what just happened 2 minutes ago.

Shit what did I just do. I def don't have feelings for him. Nope. After this couple shit and stuff I'm gonna go and find someone better.

I hope so..'





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