Your Keys to Happiness

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Thank you for sharing your keys to happiness with me. Inspired.

If we all found what makes us happy and surrendered to that, the world would be a better place

Thanks for your help!


Forgiveness ... I think if people learn to forgive each other , we will find happiness :)


Kindness: If you are kind to people it makes you feel good

Standing up for yourselves and others : when you stand up for anyone it makes you feel good like you've helped the world by talking away one bully


Laughter makes me happy whether it's me laughing or someone else. Even if a bully is laughing. It brings me joy. It shows me that even the toughest and meanest have a heart somewhere but they're just hiding it.


Letting go - is also a key to happiness, sometimes when we failed to get what we wanted, it makes us bitter. Just let go and move on. Life is short, live it, love it.


attitude. attitude means everything. it make make or break your day. the people around you only want what's best for you, and you should want the same too. Have a positive attitude and you will achieve many things


Find happiness in yourself, don't depend on other people for your happiness. Do what you love.


my tip to happiness is to be with people who get you. dont hang out with people who make you act like them and judge you, be with people who will let you be you, and wont judge you.


All the above; and my ability to be transparent with others. Often times we are so afraid of openly being ourselves because we believe others won't accept us for who we are. That we forget to be transparent. My ability to be transparent; and teaching others through my own transparency is my key to happiness. It's one of the reasons why my passion is writing. It allows me to share pieces of myself with others.


My key to happiness is reading books. They take me to a different world


Don't forget LOVE!! you have to LOVE yourself in order to be great in life!!


Smile. Smiling is contagious. I looove it when I walk down the hallway at school or passby someone on the street and they smile at me. Smiling is contagious! It also accentuates your features too. It makes me feel happy and, giddy. Honestly the best feeling ever.

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