Chapter Fifteen: Where We Stand on Operation Laxation.

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Chapter Fifteen: Where We Stand on Operation Laxation

Soft light filters through the window and beside me I feel Cole start to wake up. I've been awake for some time now, after the bomb he dropped last night I couldn't really relax enough to go back to sleep. There's a reason behind why he's so adamant on protecting me, on protecting my privacy. I remember feeling awed and then it hit me, the realisation that everything's about to change.

Things happened at the training camp, big things for Cole's career. He's pursuing an engineering degree, playing professionally has never been a big part of his plan. But of course like every college boy playing football, the dream's always there-the one where you go pro and life as you know it tilts on its head.

I swallow heavily, I've always known he's remarkable, always known that he's meant for great things but this is huge and whenever I think about it I feel like the breath's been knocked out of my body. 

Soft kisses rain down my neck, hands shift inside my shirt...well technically Cole's shirt, and keep moving upwards. I'm shaking, shivering with a need to be close to him after it's been so long and I can feel the same need in his touch. The way his strong hands move over my body, touching and caressing, kissing my neck, my jaw.

Instinctively, my back straightens as I realise that I still do have a roommate who might need to have some form of psychiatric therapy after the number of times she's witnessed Cole and me in compromising positions. Beside me, Cole grumbles "She never came back Shortcake, said her boyfriend's visiting so she's staying with him." 

I turn my head so fast, it's surprising I don't pull a muscle. He's here, he's here and we still have a while before he tells me that even this, him being in my dorm room is too much. 

I take in everything about him, from his rumpled, sleep tousled hair to his bright blue eyes to the sharp slope of his cheek bones. I run the back of my hand across his unshaven jaw and he exhales heavily before swooping in and kissing my deeply.

Morning breath kissing is okay as long as both people have morning breath.

He pushes me onto my back and hovers above me as we continue kissing. I've missed him, I'm scared and still upset but the time we've spent apart, the time I've spend doubting everything we have and now when he's so close to me, when he's touching me I can't muster up any other emotion than the kind of heady love I have for him.

"You kill me when you look at me like that." Cole's voice is husky from a mixture of sleep and something else, possibly desire.

I wind my arms around his shoulder and pull his mouth down to mine. "I fell asleep on you last night. We didn't even get to..."

He kisses the corner of my lips, "Talk?" I can feel his smile against my skin.

"Among other things. That was some bomb you dropped." 

He looks apologetic but distracted mostly as he rains kisses all over my face. 

"I want a time out, let's discuss this later. Right now I just want to remind my girlfriend why she shouldn't give up on me."

I quirk an eyebrow, "Pretty confident about your skills aren't you Stone?"

"I've still got to be proven wrong." He winks at me as makes me sit up so that I can push his shirt over my arms.

His distraction is working quite successfully but something still irks me, it's that word.


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