Seven: Villains Slack Off Too

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I swear to every Ferrari that exists, today is Monday. This time I'm very damn sure of it. No genius prankster involved.

          The silence is supposed to be literally silent as heck, but instead of nothing but dead silence humming into my ear, I hear loud rings and voices and some other sounds in my head, as if I was somewhere in between a flea market and a gang war. I’m not, though, it’s all in my fucked up head. Maybe this is what I get for staying up late and waking up way too early.

         I spread my arm around the sofa, and tilted my head on the head rest, my eyes almost shutting close. I could already feel my body floating up into the darkness, and my subconscious ready to shut itself off, when someone screams right into my ear.

          “Wolliam, wake up!”

         I quickly get up on my feet, alarmed, and I take my backpack and swing it onto one side of my arm, even though I’m not completely awake. I open my eyes wider, and I see Tiara taking out a bar of Mars from the fridge. I impatiently tap my foot on the floor as she gives me a little smile with her eyebrows arched up. 

          I woke up at four just to be sure, and then I waited for two hours just for Tiara. Tell me how lucky I am. 

          I sigh with a poker face plastered across my face, standing still on my place and obviously bored. "Ready?"

          "Actually, I think my makeup is a little bit too thick. I think I'm-"

          Before she finishes her sentence, I quickly grab her hand and pull her onto the double doors. Heck no I wouldn’t wait for another extra hour for this lady.

          On our used-to-be-empty driveway, lies Tiara's new crimson red BMW. It's so beautiful I could marry it. I've always wished to have a car - and I've always wish I could drive one – but I couldn't drive to save my life.

          Tiara swings her back pack on her front and digs her hand in it. After a second, she pulls out a neat looking remote control with one key dangling on it. She pushes the upper button and the car makes that unlocking sound.

          She gives me that look that I've always been annoyed of. "Lucky, lucky, Liam," she shakes her head twice, "A hot girl driving you to school? That is pure heaven!"

          "Who said you're hot?" I say in a teasing tone as I climb in the back seats.

          "All the boys I've met!" She says dramatically as she checks her face on the rearview mirror and the shoots a chewing gum into her mouth.

          "Except me," I blurt out silently. Even though I am not looking at her, I have a strong feeling that she’s rolling her eyes on me. She always does that: wherever and whenever possible.

 To my liking, she finally places the key into the ignition, and the car starts. She drives, her hand gripped tightly on the stirring wheel.

          After a few awkward silences, I speak. "Wonder what you'd ever do in school?" 

         She furrows and eyebrows and pouts for a moment, thinking. “Be mean, bully, slack off, whatever.”

          And here I am, secretly shaking my nerves off as she says the words strongly and fearlessly. I mean, fine, call me names - I've been there and done that, and that's why I'm like this. There are times that I'd just want to punch myself for saying yes to Darth, I mean, yeah, I'd love to go to school again, and I sure would love to kick asses between classes, but do you think it's easy for an introvert who can't even talk clearly, like me? Hey, guess what, it's not.

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