Period (Dream X Reader (again))

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i wrote this on tumblr (follow me my @ is belllly) so i thought i would post it here


basically the prompt is you have sexy with dream on ur period

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You were in your shared room, in a little ball with blankets covering you. Dream was busy elsewhere in the house, and he had no idea about your situation.

Your period had made your hormones go through the roof, making you desperately horny and practically trying to get off on anything you could. A pillow, the heel of your foot, your hand, etc.

It had been hours when Dream finally came in to check on you.

He was busy but was thinking about you, realizing he hadn't gotten a text from you or heard you at all. He slowly opened the door, seeing you covered in blankets in a little ball.

Dream chuckled, walking over to you and rubbing your back that was covered by a blanket. "Hey, how you doin' baby?"

You whined, squirming as you were overwhelmed with hormones and emotions.

"Hey, can I see that pretty face of yours?" he said, a little concerned. He lifted the blanket where your head was and his eyes widened.

You had red cheeks, were breathing heavily and your eyes were half-open.

"Um," he said, eyebrows furrowed.

"Dream", you said, wiping your watery eyes and reaching a hand out to him.

Your hand landed on the top of his chest, slowly going down. You could feel his abs through the shirt, which only spurred you on further. You gripped the fabric and pulled him in closer, faces inches away. He gasped, placing his hands on the mattress.

"Dream--" you whined, "i want you so fucking bad right now. I need you, Dream. I-I'm on my period and its making me so fucking--" you cut yourself off, growing sexually frusturated.

Dream just stared into your eyes, debating what to do.

"Please, Dream," you begged, tugging his shirt.

He gently grabbed your face and pulled you into a kiss, reminding himself that you were sensitive now and he needed to be careful.

You whined into the kiss, pulling him onto the bed, making him on top of you. His hands on the mattress next to the sides of your head, you two began to desperately make out.

Dream put his hand under your lower back, making you arch. When he felt the curve of your back with his hand, he went weak. He pulled his shirt off over his head, and went to take off your pajama shorts. He slowly pulled them down and off, and leaned on top of you again and started kissing your neck.

He left hickeys as you felt his hand trail down, starting to rub your crotch through your underwear. He was palming you, making you moan in his ear.

Dream sat back on his heels, staring at you while he palmed himself. He took off his sweatpants and boxers, and your underwear. He left your shirt on, to make you more comfortable during this time.

He bit his lip, watching his tip rub against your folds, that were a little bloody. "Are you sure you wanna-- Its up to you--" He began, nervously.

"Yes, Dream, please, I need it," you said, looking him in the eye.

Dream huffed, "Okay".

He let out a deep groan as he easily slid in, the feeling of your bloody wet walls throbbing. Pulsating, gripping around his cock-- begging for his cum.

Dream leaned down to your neck, beginning to thrust gently into you. He panted in your ear, trying not to overwhelm or go too rough.

"Dream," you let out a shuddered breath, gripping his shoulders, "please just use me, i need you i need your cum so bad i need it so fucking bad im so desperate and horny, i cant take it--" you rambled out pleas, only being silenced when Dream thrusted with a particularly hard thrust.

Dream started thrusting at a medium pace, groaning and pushing down on your lower stomach to stimulate your g-spot easier. His mind was flooded of thoughts of his cum filling you, making your belly round and the thought of breeding you- making you bare his children, made him so fucking hard.

He moaned, putting your legs on his shoulders and gripping your hips, making your ass and thighs slap back on his cock as he matched the pace.

Dream slapped your ass, grunting and desperate to fill you. "So fucking good... Nngh-- take it," he groaned, going even faster and pounding into your cervix.

"F-Fuck-- Dream!!," you whined, raking your nails down his back in response to the pace, making him thrust harder in result of the pain-- leading to an endless cycle of pleasure.

He leaned back, staring at your fucked-out expression. He started to slow his pace, reaching his hand down to rub your clit with his thumb. "D-Dream--!" you squeaked, your legs trembling.

"Tell me how much you love my cock, how nobody can fuck you as good as me," he said, smirking.

Too desperate to even think straight, you gave in immediately, "love your cock-- nobody fucks me as good as you--", you gasped as he thrust in you hard again.

"Who?" he said with a hard thrust, starting to fuck you so fucking rough. "Who makes you feel like this?"


"Who?" he started pounding into your g-spot again.

"You- only y-you!" you gasped, moaning loudly as you came all over this cock unexpectedly.

Dream moaned, feeling you tighten and squeeze his cock so good until he couldn't hold it anymore, his cum spilling into you-- successfully breeding you. Before he had even pulled out, his cum was leaking out. He pulled his cock out, covered in blood and cum.

So was your pussy, before he cleaned you and himself up.


"So... do you feel better now?"

"So much, mmm...", you sighed, nuzzling into his chest, immediately falling asleep in his arms.

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