Chapter 3-Secret

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Author's Pov

"You useless"


"They never love you"


That what Chen hear when he enter the toilet.He do it again.That's what he said in his mind.

"Hello? Anyone's here?" he ask only to hide the fact that he already know who is it."Go away!" the boy in the toilet shout at him.He only can sigh and go away.I hope I can help you right now.He said in his mind.He doesn't want anyone know about the secret he try to hide.

"Hey guys,sorry I'm late" Xiumin said while smiling."Aww,it's ok" Luhan said to his bestfriend while pinching his cheeks."Aww! Lu-ge,it's hurt" Xiumin pout."But you're so cute XD" Luhan said.He really love to pinch Xiumin's cheeks.Xiumin,only can smile."Hey,go buy some baozi then feed me" Xiumin said while point at some steamed bun.Suddenly,someone put some baozi infront him.He look up then he shock."Emm,w-why you give it to me?" Xiumin ask with a confuse face.

"My stomach already full.When I walk,I heard you said that you want eat some baozi.So I gave it to you" that person said."Thanks,emm...Chen" he said while blushing."Welcome" then he walk towards his friends.

Tao's Pov

"Omg! Hyung,I think he likes you!" I said while gigling."Shut up Panda!" he said.I only show him like-I-care face.He sigh then eat the baozi.How can he be so cute?He look like a maknae.

After the recess,we go back to our class and something happens...

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