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JADE(S) 3 - Pt 42

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j*a*d*e*s – hanging by a moment

            The ‘Game’, as everyone referred to it, was played on the four hundred acres of wooded land that was divided by a small stream.  You could cross the stream in most places, but there was one place that boasted a small bridge, hanging twenty or thirty feet from the ground.  It was a great day if you got across that bridge and into enemy territories. 

            Each team had a side: Blue the north and Yellow the south.  They wore an arm band signifying which team they had been assigned to. 

            Jo and Emma were assigned to the north team, lead by Josh, and Darci and Amy the south, lead by Cynthia.  The first team to reach the flag was the winner.  The flag would be guarded by four people, and it could be placed anywhere on the hundred acre plots that had been flagged off on each side of the stream.

            “Let the game begin.”  Called Mother Hope at the training center where everything began.  They scattered, Jo and Emma splitting up.  Emma went with a bunch that would lead an assault further down the stream, while Jo went with Josh to scope out the bridge.

            “Don’t tell me that you’re gonna play hero and try for the bridge are you?”  Jo asked,

            “Actually I made it across it a few weeks ago, but it was part of a full-fledged assault and twenty of us attacked.  What a confidence booster.  But with a sharp shot like you, I know we can defend it well.  We might even be able to get across by ourselves,” Josh said.  Jo bit her lip wanting to do nothing of the sort.

            “Amy will go with it.  Let’s wait, shoot them down, and then rush over, that would be the best game plan,” Jo said quickly.

            “No way, what if she gets across?”  Josh protested, itching to get into the game.

            “Hey, I’m sniper material, you said so yourself.  I can get her and anyone else who steps on that bridge.”  A few moments later they saw movement and Jo raised her gun.

            “Not yet, you can’t get them from here, the gap is too wide.  The guns have a range of only thirty feet, and it’s about forty-five or fifty feet across,” Josh instructed her.  

Jo gave him a cold look.  “I know that silly, I just want to track them.”  They sat quietly for a while; then a flurry of paint balls came their way, most falling short, and a few landing quite a few feet away. 

            “They don’t make it up to here, eh?”  Jo raised her gun to an angle and let out six quick shots.  They heard two shouts of “I’m hit!” bellowing from the woods directly across from them and then more angry shouting. 

Josh looked over at Jo with a question on his lips.  “Geometry… Angles, things like that.  I’ve also played plenty of softball, I could have taken them out with half of that amount, maybe, if I would have had a clear shot, but two is pretty good.” 

They moved to a better position; a few shots came at them, but they were moving too fast, and the shooters weren’t very accurate.  The first assault team was making their move on the lower portion, closer to them, just about thirty feet away from them.  They heard a commotion and then two figures came onto the bridge, Cynthia and Amy.  They were crouched low and were moving rather quickly.

            “You take Cynthia and I’ll take Amy,” ordered Josh.  Jo moved to a position on the other side of the entrance to the bridge in order to get a better shot at Cynthia who was behind Amy. 

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