Chapter 22: My fault

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Chapter 22:



Elena's POV:



Kat had showed up first and now I was waiting for Cole. Uhg! Where is he?! When I told Kat everything that Thomas has done, she was shocked.

"Remind me never to joke about a stalker again!" She asked. This living situation should be fun...

"Kat? You don't hate me right? I mean I put you in danger..." I trailed off, and what I didn't expect was a slap upside my head!

"How dare you! One I could never hate you, so there you go. Two, it's not your fault Thomas is a psycho. And three, it's like I already live here in the first place." She ticked off her fingers. I rubbed my head,

"Guess that was a stupid statement." I agreed. There was a knock at my door, and Baker went to go answer it with one hand on his gun holster. He and the other two officers will be staying here as well, taking shifts to watch us, while other officers go out and look for Thomas. It's a good thing I have such a huge house!

"Ah, Mr. Hunter I presume? Come on in with your things." Baker let Cole in and I had to refrain myself from jumping up and giving him a hug.

"Hey Mr. Hunter." Kat and I both said. Geez that was weird to say when I'm at home and not at school. I stood up and walked to him, but in a casual way, not in the way I want, which is jumping in his arms and kissing the crap out of him.

"I'm sorry Mr. Hunter that you got dragged into this. I didn't realize what a freak Thomas is." I apologized, and seconds later I got another slap upside the head,

"OW!" I rubbed my head. Kat stood there with a hand on her hip.

"What did I tell you? It's not your fault, so do I need to keep slapping you or are you going to accept that fact?" She questioned with an eyebrow raised. I sighed and nodded. Cole gave a slight chuckle,


"She's right Elena, none of this is your fault. So...where am I sleeping?" He asked.

"I'll show you to your guest room." I walked up the stairs and he followed silently behind. Once we were out of site he grabbed me from behind and held me close. He turned me around still holding me to his chest,

"Elli, I'm sorry you have to go through this, but we'll get through it together." He kissed my forehead lovingly. I knew that we only had a few minutes at best before someone came looking for us, so I went on my tip toes and kissed him with everything I had in me. My hands went to the side of his face and traveled to the back of his head and my fingers knotted themselves through his hair. He pushed me gently up against the wall and trapped me with his arms on either side of my head.

"I think I'm going to like living here." He murmured against my lips. I tilted my head enough so I could talk,

" know Baker, and the other two will be staying here as well...right?' I questioned. He groaned and leaned his head against mine as he starred into my eyes,

"No...I did not know that. But at least we can be with each other more than just a few hours a week." He kissed my cheek and stepped away from me, giving us some space.

"Come, on, before Baker or any of them come doing a search party." I sighed, and made my way back downstairs fixing my hair so it didn't look messy. Cole followed suit, and by the time we reached the stairs we both looked like nothing happened. I have to's a little fun sneaking around like this, but I wouldn't lead my life like this.

"So!" I clapped my hands together, " I'll order some take out. And we'll make ourselves comfortable." They all agreed and I was very aware of the fact Officer Danley couldn't keep her eyes off of Cole. The slut. But slut or not, she is protecting me I guess. After I ordered the take out, we all waited aimlessly. Kat was blowing bubbles with her gum, Cole is sitting on the love seat sneaking glances at me, when he thinks no one is looking, Baker is playing cards with Officer Johnson, while Officer Danley is undressing Cole with her eyes.

"So Charles? What will happen when we go to school? And what about security here?" I asked. He looked up from his cards,

"Well, we'll have at least 3 officers on the school grounds and one in the security room, where we can watch from cameras on the outside. And we're setting up cameras now on the perimeter of this house and setting up a security room in one of the rooms. Do you have a room you could spare for this?" Baker finished.


"Ya, you can use the old rec. room down the hall over there. Is there any word on Thomas' whereabouts?" I asked.

"No not yet, but they're keeping us posted and they have an APB out on his car, so we're hoping it will get spotted soon." He concluded and went back to his cards.

The take out came later and the new rule was Kat, Cole, and I could not answer the door under any circumstances. We couldn't go anywhere unless escorted by an officer, and any texts receive from Thomas, we had to report no matter what they said. Speaking of which I heard a buzz from my pocket...

Hey Elena, my love. I'm on the run right now, but soon I will come see you. Too bad I won't be able to spare your precious Cole or Katrina, or any of those officers. If they were smart they'd leave you to be with me...then everyone wins.


Thomas xx

My hands were shaking, and Baker was immediately was alert as he reached for my cell. I gave it too him and covered my face with my hands. I bent over and tried deep breathing. He was going to kill everyone that was in this room...because of me. Maybe I should just let him win?

"No." Cole spoke. I snapped my head up, and looked at him questioningly.

"I know what your thinking, and no, you will not just give up and go to him." He crossed his arms, and stared me down. I stood up abruptly,

"What would you like me to do?! He's going to try and kill everyone in this room because of me! Like he was saying, it would be smart of all of you to just give up and leave!" I was reaching my braking point of the day, and wasn't sure just how much more I could handle. I didn't want to pass out again. Cole was about to stand up and rush over to me when Kat took his place. She sent him a warning glance, saying there were other people in the room, he sighed defeated, and angry for not being able to comfort me without raising questions.


"El, you can not... I repeat can not, think about giving up! If you do I will kick your ass okay? I don't care if my life is in danger! You would do the same for me in a heart beat. We're sister and we will get through this...okay?" She had her hands on my shoulders and made sure to look me in the eye. I nodded reluctantly, but knowing she was right. Even though I love Kat her arms weren't the ones I wanted to be in right now.















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