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"Shut up, Lottie. And Derek, it's not worth the risk." Peter looks between his daughter and nephew.

"What about you?" Derek asks, turning to Scott.

"Yeah, if you want me to-" Stiles starts.

"Not you." Derek quickly cuts him off.

"You're not going on there." Charlotte shakes her head at her best friend.

"Got it." Stiles nods at them.

"I don't know about Erica. But if Boyd's alive then we have to try and do something." Scott nods.

"But?" Derek asks hesitantly.

"Who's the other girl locked in there with Boyd?" Scott asks curiously.


"Arlo, ask for gummy bears again, and I'll personally eat every single packet in Beacon Hills in front of you." Derek snaps as they walk towards the bank.

"Bitch." Charlotte grumbles, stopping when she doesn't sense Scott next to her anymore.

"What?" Derek asks the Beta irritably.

"With you give him a break." Charlotte snaps at her cousin, who turn to her with raised eyebrows.

"Not so nice, is it?" Charlotte asks with a smug smirk, making Derek roll his eyes.

"There's something I can't get out of my head." Scott shakes his head.

"The moon is rising, Scott-" Derek starts before he sees Charlotte's look.

"What is it?" Derek asks with a sigh.

"Risk and reward." Scott answers.

"Really?" Charlotte turns to him in confusion.

"Which means what?" Derek asks in confusion.

"We're not measuring the risk with enough information, we don't know enough." Scott speaks up.

"We know that times running out!" Derek raises his voice.

"I will throw you into the fucking bank of you yell at him again." Charlotte raises her eyebrows at her cousin.

"Think about it. They put the triskele on your door four months ago. What the hell have they been doing all this time? Why have they decided to do something now?" Scott asks them.

"It's a good point." Charlotte nods a little.

"We don't have time to figure out every detail-" Derek starts.

"But what if this detail- the reason they waited- is the most important one?" Scott asks with a sigh.

"It could be the reason that we get killed too." Charlotte adds with a small nod.

"Then we do nothing, and Boyd and Erica are dead." Derek tells them, making the two teens nod a little.

"Look, I know what risk I'm taking. It's my life for theirs and I won't blame you both if you don't follow me." Derek tells them before he walks towards the bank.


The two werewolves in the vault stand up when the wall behind them breaks in, revealing Scott, Derek and a heavily breathing Charlotte.

"Fucking hell- remind me to never be in a tight space ever again." Charlotte huffs before she looks up, spotting Boyd.

"Boyd?" Derek asks gently, following Charlotte's line of sight.

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