Lola's POV


I was woken up from my slumber by my phone ringing, I internally groaned and reached for my phone not checking who was ringing me.


"What? who the Fudge is this?" (I decided to give up swearing whilst pregnant).

"How could you forget me? It's Lauren your favourite person in the world!" Ijumped out of bed and started screaming in joy "Oh my gosh Lauren, I can't belive it's you, we haven't talked in like 3 months!"

"I know baby sister, you just ignored us" I heard the hurt in her voice and felt really guilty because I had forgotten about her.

"How about I come over to the pack house and we catch up, I need to see mum also to see how she is doing" Once I said that Lauren screamed into the phone and agreed for me to meet at later on in the day.

I got back into bed and Cole turned to face me "What happened princess?" he asked slightly worried "Nothing, Lauren just invited me to the pack house and I'm going later. Do you want to join me?" He nodded nervously "I want your family to like me so of course I'll come and try to make a good impression."

Few hours later

Cole decided to take the Land Rover to my old pack house and when we turned into the driveway all the old memories came flooding back. The way they treated me, how I was forced to live and how no one apart from my mother, Aaron and Lauren loved me. A single tear dropped down and the caught Cole's attention "Don't waste another tear on these people, they do not deserve it" I gave him a weak smile and nodded.

Cole rubbed my bump which was already showing and we got out the car, Lauren raced towards us and trapped me in a hug "Lola! I can't belive you're here, I've missed you so much!" i just hugged her back and smiled widely "And who is this good looking guy next to you?" she looked at Cole smirking.

"This is my mate Cole, Alpha of the Silver Claw pack"

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