Lola's POV


I woke up to the sun shining and the birds chirping, such a happy morning. That didn't last long because i jumped out of bed and rushed to the toilet. Emptying everything I ate yesterday.

'Lola are you okay?' Cole mindlinked me

'Leave me alone Cole, I don't want to talk to you'

I cut off my link and continued being sick. I felt someones presence behind me and quickly turned around ready to defend myself.

It was just Cole.

I sent him a cold glare as he began to approach me. "Why are you here? I don't want you here!" He looked at me with eyes full of guilt and sadness "Princess I'm so sorry for what I did yesterday, I have no excuse for leaving you and my pups. Please forgive me, I'm here begging you to take me back and I don't care about my pride right now just you and our children" by the end of his speech I was in tears. "I missed you so much Cole, please don't do that again"

He ran towards me and took me into his arms, our lips met and it felt like i hadn't felt them in a long time. I missed my Alpha, my mate and the father to my unborn children.

"I love you my Alpha"

"I love you my Luna"


This chapter was more of a filler chapter but the next will be better. im so sorry that i just disapeared for so long but Im here to stay now, i shall be updating so much more

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