Water Fountain, 2nd Visit

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"A friend, Ed White, who studied architecture at Columbia when (Jack) Kerouac was hanging around there in 1948-1949, told him what he ought to do is go out with a pencil, a sketch pad and make verbal sketches just like painters make sketches, little quick sketches, little salient lines, to capture the motif or subject, to capture the ephemera of the moment...sketch. It's actually quite a good exercise. Sit in front of a window and sketch what you see within the frame of the window. It ain't so easy, but it ain't so hard either. So that's your homework. Jack died, I believe, sitting in a chair verbally sketching the action on a TV quiz program. Making a little prose poem sketch of what was going on." - Allen Ginsberg, April 12 1994, NYU

Taken from Elissa Schappell's "The Craft of Poetry: A Semester with Allen Ginsberg."

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