Chapter 12: The tragedy of 1930

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Saint Rida's Orphanage. 1930

Kids ran around the orphanage, playing and laughing. Some kids were eating and others painting. It was their break time. Too bad their breaks were only five minutes long.

"Break is ovah! Now to rooms!" A middle aged man said angrily. His hair was grey and very short. He had many wrinkles on his face, especially underneath his eyes. It made him look even more scary looking. He was angry all the time, unless he had accomplished something big.

As they were all running to their rooms, an older boy tripped Scarlett, causing her to fall against a book shelf containing bottles of colorful liquid.

Scarlett quickly moved out of the way when one of the bottles fell and broke. The book shelf that had been against the ground fell to the ground.

There was a loud thud and crash of glasses.

"Hey!" Scarlett's brother yelled at the boys who were laughing.

"Ooo she's going to get in trouble." One boy yelled.

"Yeah. I wander what this punishment's going to be." Another kid said before going into his room.

The Russian man came running out of his office. "Deh!? Vat happened! Hoo did it? You Scarlett?" He said loudly. Scarlett sat there and began to cry. He grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to a room.

"No wait! Mr. Vladimir it was Riley and Christopher not Scarlett." Scarlett's brother yelled following them.

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