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so I'm trying to work on some of my rants, nearly ranted about my school but decided against it. instead, i'll do a tag then draw bc art can express feelings (i already tried poetry it just fueled my anger more what).

1: personality in 5 words
stubborn, rebellious, bubbly, 100% meme.

2: looks in 5 words
tiny, slim, like a frog.

3: 5 friend nicknames
i have no wattpad friends so here's some real life ones


4: 5 places you want to visit
paris, london af, australia, maybe venice? and wherever you guys stay bc hell i want to meet you guys

5: 5 fave disney movies
tangled af, beauty and the beast, brave (i think it is disney), up, and the princess and the frog.

tagging all readers bc i'm lame af and don't have wattpad friends but shockingly have instagram friends?????

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