Video.. (2)

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Tha next day came and you two were at your dad's house.

"Baby girl!" Your dad yelled from tha kitchen. You walked in tha kitchen with Chres hot on your trail.

"Yes daddy?" You sat in tha island next to Chres while he stood on tha other side.

"I'm gonna be gone for a couple of hours OK. Your grandmother is asleep so don't wake her. Your cartoons are in my room on tha dresser if you guys wanna watch them. Be good OK." He came around and kissed your forehead. "And you to Chres." He nudged his head making him laugh.

Your dad walked out tha house and made sure he pulled out of tha driveway. When he was gone you two darted up tha stairs into his room. Chres locked tha door as you went in his closet and got a DVD with 3 big black X's on it.

"Is that it?" Chres asked walking to you. You nodded and put it in tha DVD player. Tha scene played on tha screen as you both watched intensely. You were getting a tingling sensation between your legs, so you squeezed them together.

" hurts again." Chres whined grabbing his thingy as y'all would say.

"Well take your pants off." You suggested. He nodded and did as told.

"I came prepared. I didn't wear any boxers today." He spoke proudly. You continued to watch as tha girl sat on tha man's lap and began to ride him.

"Wanna try that?" You asked as you looked down at his dick. He nodded and you started to take your pants off. You left your shirt on but took off your panties.

"Why are they so wet?" Chres asked.

"I felt it tingle and I guess it got wet then." You said unsure. Wow...children. If they only knew they were about to have sex on her dad's floor.

He laid back as you say on his lap.

"Wat do I do?" Chres asked. You shrugged.

"Put your thingy in my hole." You asked. You lifted your shirt and watched as Chres began to do as told.

"Ouch! It hurts." You whined as you began to sink down. Chres moaned out loud holding your hips like tha man in tha movie. After sitting there for a minute you began to lift yourself up and down.

"It feels..amazing..." You moaned. You laid your hands on Chres's chest and sped up.

You two were at it like tha 2 on tha screen. Every position they got in..y'all got in. If your dad knew that y'all weren't watching cartoons in his room. Currently, you two were in doggy style. Yep. Chres rammed in and out of you from tha back. Sweat dripping down his body, curls sticking to his forehead and concentrated. Yall were fucking like 2 grown people. Skin slapping, moaning and tha TV filled tha room.

"You like this huh?" Chres asked thrusting harder. You clawed and tha fuzy rug beneath you and nodding moaning in response.

"Uhh..gosh! I'm finna..gonna.." Chres moaned speeding up.

"Yes Chres..I'm gonna pee..gonna pee!" You moaned out coming close to your very first orgasm. Chres thrusted deep inside of you hitting a spot that made everything draw tight and you began to squirt on tha rug beneath you and on him. Chres was so amazed at tha feeling of you being tight and came right after you filling you up.

When you both came down from your highs Chres fell beside you. You both were out of breath and felt amazing.

"Wow..that was fun!" You breathed smiling at Chres.

"And felt so good!" Chres added. You both giggled and got up.

"Wanna take a bath?" You asked him. He nodded and you two rushed to tha bathroom giggling.

All because of one video.

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