Chapter 11

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The beautiful date our boys planned for our baby. How cute. Of course there is only 3 chairs.

Hayden P.O.V

I ran and ran until I couldn't run no more. After years of being away from my family. I miss them all so much.

I reach a water fall and wash my dash before standing up again. I hear foot steps and smell the most delicious scent I have ever smelled.

I turn around and gasp "Mates/Mate" I whisper softly.

"Hayden?" The man whispers. I look at him closely and gasp

"Zayden? Is that really you?" I ask in disbelief. He lets go of what seems to be my other mate and runs into my arms, hugging me tightly. I sigh and hold onto him tightly. He pulls away softly and kisses me tenderly. I gasp against his lips and kiss him back. We talk a little bit and Zayden turns around to introduce me to our baby. I look around and finally feel the pain our baby is feeling. We run into what I guess is where they're staying. Zayden runs upstairs to I'm guessing there room and start yelling for our baby to open. I see him rush downstairs and grab the key to the room. He runs back up.

I wait downstairs since I don't feel like I should be up with them. I want him to talk to our baby. All of a sudden I feel someone jump on me and hug me tightly.

"I'm sorry I accused you of cheating with Zayden!" He whimpers and buries his face into my chest.

"It's alright angel. I don't blame you one bit love." I smile and kiss his forehead softly.

"Little one? Why don't you go take a bath?" Zayden tell our baby. He nods before running upstairs.

Zayden tell me about how he wanted to make a date for our little one and today would be the day for him to mark him. I'm honestly really nervous. I don't think I should be involved just yet. I mean I don't know him like Zayden does. I'm pretty sure he had to gain his trust.

Never the less, I help my brother plan the perfect date for Austin. As we set everything up, Zayden explains to me everything about our little one. He also tells me he is his teacher. I couldn't help myself as I laugh.

We finish and turn on some candles around the table. I walk into the kitchen and start cooking. I learned how to cook in that horrible place. I was forced to learn to cook, for everyone..

Once I finish, I put the food in the oven and quickly run upstairs to shower. Zayden had already gone to tell Austin to get ready for the date. This was the best thing to get as a welcome gift.


Austin's P.O.V

I have two mates... That's all I could think of. How was I so lucky? I know I might not know Hayden like I do Zayden but it seems like I do. I know that he already loves me and he's planning a date with Zayden. Whatever it maybe I'm ready. I'm ready to be with them and become one of them. I have put a lot of thought in it and I came to realize that I love them both. I may not know Hayden at all but my heart beats just as fast as it does for Zayden.

"Little one? Are you ready?" Zayden calls from outside the door.

"Yes babe! I'm going just give me a second!" I yell back

I quickly put on my shoes and walk out the door. Just as I walk out the door, I feel something cover my eyes.

"It's ok angel, we just want to surprise you." Hayden whispers into my ear

"O-Ok" I say nervously

He chuckle as we head down the stairs extra carefully. When we get downstairs, I feel Zayden taking my hand into his. "You ok little one? You look like you're going to pass out. Come on baby breathe for me" he says softly and kisses my neck with butterfly kisses. I take a deep breath and relax.

"I-I'm sorry. It's just this is my first date." I say quietly. I feel 2 pairs of arms engulf me in a hug.

"Don't worry baby. We're going to make this the best first date for you"

I smile and cuddle into their arms "I have to be the luckiest guy right now." I turn around and kiss them softly. they take my hand into theirs and take me outside. I hold on tightly and so I won't fall. We suddenly stop. I feel them let go and get nervous "Baby! Babe!" I whimper out for them. I feel whatever they put to cover my eyes come off. I rub my eyes and look around. I hear them cooing and I blush. I finally get my vision back and look around in awe.

"Do you like it little one?" Zayden asks nervously

"No I don't like it! I love it! It's absolutely gorgeous!" I squeal and hug them each. I then see Hayden walking to the house. I run after him and get in front.

"W-Where are you going baby?" I ask sadly

"Well this is suppose to be your date with Zayden. You just met me angel, I didn't want to intrude." I giggle and lean up to peck his lips

"Nonsense! Come on! I want my first date with both my mates!" I smile and pull him to the table. Zayden takes me into his arms and kisses my forehead "I'm so proud of you baby. He didn't want to listen to me"

"Well he is our mate! He's a part of us." I smile and hug Hayden tightly.

The date goes better then I ever expected. Hayden was just as perfect as Zayden. I already loved them so much. I couldn't picture living without either of them. We were currently laying under a tree. I was cuddling into their sides with a smile on my face.

I'm honestly so sorry for not updating in forever! I was busy with the act and stuff!! Thank you for being so patient!



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