(2) Your POV - What the..

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You looked around the camp, boys scattered around wearing what seemed to be capes. They all stared at you and you held your book tighter to your chest. They were the boys in your picture! Peter twirled around and looked at you with a smirk, continuing to walk backwards. He lifted up his arms, like he was presenting the camp. Your eyes darted around.

"S-So... wait.. Am I dreaming or something?" You shudder, confused. This must be a dream! Peter's eyebrow raised and he gave you that smirk once again.

He shook his head slightly, grabbed your arm, and pushed you closer to the boys. He then said, "Introduce yourself, little lost girl."

You stood there quietly, unsure of what to say.. So you turned around to examine Peter. You were still in shock by everything. He sighed and walked away from you.

"Don't worry, you're nothing more but a lonely lost girl, like the rest." He spat. You were hurt by how cruel those words left his mouth, but you didn't say anything.

The day continued and Peter didn't say or do anything to you. Soon, it was the evening. You examined everything they did. The boys hunted and joked around with each other. Everytime Peter came out of his hut they seemed to shut up. What? Was he their holy king or something? You pinched yourself so many times to confirm that you were dreaming. You decided to draw while he came out of his hut and they lit up a fire. He took out an object, what seemed to be a flute of some sort. He blew into it, but honestly you heard nothing. You watched the boys dance around the fire, and you looked at Pan confused. He smirked back at you.

Again with that smirk, you sighed. You looked directly at him and his attempt at playing the flute. It was really bad playing, all you heard was the soft blows. Your eyes landed back into your book and you continued to draw with some materials you found. The picture you drew while everything was happening was quite natural and unique. You had smeared some blue berries on the page and purple ink came out to create smudges across the page. You found charcoal and drew beautiful dark mysterious eyes. It looked like those eyes were crying out purple ink. After the drawing, the bad flute playing got to you.

"Do you even know how to play that thing?" You said quietly to yourself, chuckling. You didn't think Peter would hear it. However, the whole show stopped and the boys looked at you. Peter stopped playing and stood up. His eyebrows raised and he slowly walked over to you. He sat next to you and he looked like he was trying to serenade you. He played once again, but all you could hear was the blows.

You shook your head and mumbled under your breath, "You should really get lessons."

"You.. You can't hear it?" He mumbled and stared at you, amused.

"What? Am I supposed to?" You asked and stared at him, confused. His brows furrowed and he grabbed your arm. He pinned you against a tree.

He pressured and clenched his teeth, yet he didn't say anything. He was examining you.

Your eyes scattered around looking for an exit. His body stuck to yours and you could feel his body breathe up and down. This was the closest any boy has gotten towards you. He noticed it and let go of you and continued his horrible playing. You couldn't tell what he was thinking or what he was planning. The boys got up and danced once again. Yet they looked a bit confused.

After what seemed like ages, Peter stopped playing and the boys went to their tents.

Your back slid down the tree trunk and you grabbed your notebook. You flipped to the page with the bunch of writings. Although they seemed like smudged scribbles, there were some words you could make out.

"Neverland... for the lonely and lost... Lost boys..Peter... Pan.. Beware.. Powers.."

"What the.." You mumble under your breath. Lonely lost boys? You close your notebook and were about to look around.

"Neverland, huh? Like Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy Darling, and Captain Hook! What a joke." You scoff and walked off, silently laughing to yourself.

"What's the joke?" You hear Peter's voice echo, you turn around and meet with his glare. You ignore him and continue walking away. Suddenly, your back is on the rough ground of the camp and Peter is pinning you down.

"I asked, what's the joke?" He repeated, angrier this time. Ever since you had got on this.. place, you've been upset and confused, unsure of what to do. This was the last straw.

"I don't know.. Just get off me, Peter!" You scream with venom spitting out on every word.

"It's Pan to you, missy," Peter-- You mean, Pan states, he sighs and gets off of you. Then, he continues sarcastically, "Tell me about how you got here!"

You furrow your eyebrows at his attempt at being funny and sarcastic. You debated whether or not to tell him anything.

".. Just.. Take me back-- This is really all too much." You say, letting out the breath you were holding. After a moment, you look at him and he smirks at you. He didn't say anything just threw you an unmade tent and left. Confusion consumed you.. You realized what he meant and screamed,


----- End of Chapter 2 -----

A/N: This story is kind of predictable right? Well hopefully you still like it.. Thanks for reading.

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