S3 Chapter 8: Riding The Warp! Zero Stadium!!

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*Later that night, Athena had brought everyone to the Valhalla Manor which was now known as the Grand Valhalla Estate which the backyard was converted into a safe-space for bladers to battle and make friends or find rivals*

Bella: This place is absolutely amazing!

Athena: Yeah, i spent the last 3 years converting this very backyard with all the wide open space it has to a place where bladers can come together and find themselves. I want to make the Beyblade World a good place and i believe this safe-space here at Valhalla Manor or the Grand Valhalla Estate, whichever you want to call it, will make bladers who have lost confidence in their skills come here to have fun battling. That is my goal now, i succeeded with my first goal..


Angel Athena: LET'S GO!!!!!

*The stadium erupted with a blinding white light as Dark Matter Lucifer exploded in a loud burst finish, bolts of electricity were coming off of it as the pieces fell to the stadium floor as Adeonas Ultimate Flare subsided and vanished.*

--Flashback end--

*Athena smiled a bit and clutched her bey tightly, it was that day after her goal was finally fulfilled that motivated her to another, to start a dream that would make Beyblade more fun and the Blading World more fun and enjoyable without having to worry about another Lane Situation*

Athena: It was because of him that i am doing all of this.

Rangara: All of this?

Athena: I want to prevent Bladers from going down the same dark path Lane did all those years ago, doing this will make the Beyblade World a better place.

*The large flowery meadow stretched as far as the eye could see, Athena could see it and reminisce it. She had so many fun battles in this meadow with the very friends that contributed to her victory in the Sparking Legend Tour. Athena held Adeona in her hand as a singular tear rolled down her cheek*

Athena: Valt.. Aiga.. Drum... everyone.. i can't wait to have more fun battles with you again one day, i miss you all.

*Bella looks over at Athena and took her hand*

Bella: Are you ok?

*Athena smiles and places a hand on her shoulder*

Athena: You don't have to worry about me, i'll be alright. I'm just thinking back on some old memories, memories i won't ever forget.

*Athena turned and went to go back inside the mansion and Bella and Rangara followed her*

Athena: We're not gonna be able to get a Zero Stadium here for a while so we'll have to train at the Bulls until i can manage to get my hands on one.

*Bella and Rangara nods*

Athena: We'll start tomorrow, there is a lot to do..

*Athena looked away sadly and went upstairs to bed, Bella and Rangara went to the rooms they picked out and laid down for the night. Athena laid in bed in her night clothes which was just a lavender nightgown, she stared at the ceiling wondering what was to come next*

Athena: Main Kuromi and Primary Michael. Michael is a bey based off a supreme Archangel, the only performance details known about it is that it's a long lasting stamina type.. nothing else, he attacked Ikari today so she knows something about surely..

*Athena finally went to bed and waited for night to pass*

---The Next Day---

*Bella and Rangara were at the New York Bulls training on the new Zero Stadium, this way they could both take on Shu and beat him*

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