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(IF YALL KEEP BEING GHOST READERS, IAN UPDATING NOMO! .. is the book getting boring? ☹️)

 is the book getting boring? ☹️)

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Houston, TX
December 26
3:32 P.M.

"Okay, Amirion. What made you want to come to therapy in the first place?" The therapist, Mrs. Toya, asked Mir as they were having a session.

"It's this girl that I know I like. Ion wanna ruin what we'd have in the future because I'm fucked up." He sighed and told her. He knew nothing he'd say or do would leave out of the room because it is illegal, so there was no reason to lie.

"And what do you mean you're fucked up?" Toya asked writing something cursive in her notepad with a blue ink pen.

"I'm scared of gettin' emotionally attached to someone. Ion wanna keep pushin' her away to the point where she doesn't wanna talk to me nomo." He explained, feeling good to get some of this stuff off of his chest.

"Mhm, and why are you scared of falling in love? Was it a past relationship? If so, tell me about it." The lady in front of him said as she wrote more stuff down on a thin sheet of the paper.

"About 2 years ago, I was with this girl. I loved her more than anyone could ever think of. She was constantly cheating and I was constantly taking her back. I felt like I couldn't lose her. Until one day she broke up with me and I felt like I couldn't do anything without her. I never wanna feel like that again." He shook his head thinking about it.

"Okay. Try to spend more time with her and getting to know her better. Start expressing your feelings instead of pushing people away. Like if you're feelings uncomfortable, say that." She said closing her notebook and lifting her glasses up on her forehead.

Mir nodded.


"What happen with you and Kaylee?" Neveah asked sitting up on the couch, as she was on FaceTime with Bryson.

"A coupla weeks afta' you left, I realized ian want you to be outta my life foreva' so I broke up with her." He said as he ate a cup of chicken Ramen noodles.

"That is foul. I feel bad." Neveah said as she frowned. She's hate for her boyfriend to break up with her for a girl he barely knows.

"That muthafucka was cheatin' on me with that Mir nigga anyway." He said sighing, twirling his noodles.

"Watch how you talk about him." Neveah warned, raising her eyebrow.

Boogie put his hands up in defense. "My bad, Gangsta." He exclaimed.

"That's yo luh boyfran?" He asked throwing the cup away that once held the noodles.

"That's my lil yea yea." Veah said tooting her lips up. "Imma talk to you later." She hurriedly hung up the phone as she saw an incoming call from Mir popping up on her screen.

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