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       If I could turn back time – I'd go back to those times I constantly wished I was an adult. Because this... this wasn't the adult life I signed my lazy self -up for. 

       At twenty three, I didn't have anything to be proud of, well except for the beautiful certificate that is hung in my mother's room till date. Would you believe me if I said I was a first class medical doctor working as a receptionist in some down run hotel? No? okay.

     Well, at least I was.

            I continued to pack up my stuff into a small box, it had been barely thirty minutes since the letter was sent to me, my letter of termination and in the lame man's words – I'd been sacked.

             Why? I can't explain it. I don't know why it took them so long to sack me though. The only reason I agreed to get this annoying job was because I had to pay rent in the small room I lived in after I got kicked out of my father's home by my mom's boyfriend. Pretty harsh right?

           I looked around the small counter I used to call an office. It was made of brown marble and smelt like coffee, mostly because that was my favorite drink. When you have to go sleep by 2:00am and wake up 5:00am to get ready for work – you'll realize it's a life saver.

           The Director, Mr Donald didn't give me any tangible reason for firing me. All he said was that they were running low on revenue and they had to let go of some workers; What a drag.

          I frowned as I closed the box and looked around again. I would miss certain things around here but  definitely not my interaction with the customers because when you work as a receptionist – You meet well, different kinds of people.

         I would miss Mrs. Ember though — the nice old lady who brought me breakfast every morning, she worked as the janitor here. She was really beautiful and warm. She had big brown eyes that seemed to pull into her sockets and an oval face.  Mrs Ember had little freckles and her long brown hair sat firmly at her shoulders. The woman wasn't too tall and would probably fit for a 5'6ft lady, she was on the slender side and her facial expressions screamed she wasn't one keen on nonsense.

        I had met a two of her grand children. the sixty year old woman kept the aura of mother hood in this hotel, she had three grand children who lived with her as her daughter – the mother of those kids, died in a car crash years ago.

         Mrs Ember's eldest grand child, popularly known as Emiliana was well, nothing like her Grandma. She was the street girl around here and worked as one of the dancers in a bar not too far away from here, called – LADONA.

         "You should really hurry up, or what? Are you still in shock?" I heard someone  taunt. My head snapped in the direction of the voice.

           "Don't you think you should mind your business or what? Are you looking for a hook up around here?" I Snorted at the blonde haired girl in front of me "walk away" I shooed. I was in no mood to deal with her.

         "You look horrible" Emiliana spat.

         I could never grasp why this girl hated me. It always seemed like she was constantly threatened by my presence and I could never understand why, I assume that she must be over the moon with the news that I had just been fired.

     "That's great." I responded dryly.

"I was trying to look like you today. And look,"  I gestured to the boxes around me "It paid off" I spat sarcastically as I picked up the box that had all my stuff and walked around the counter to where she was.

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