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you weren't that happy that you were moving schools but you knew it was for the best and it was for a good reason , so you got ready packed up some things you still wanted to keep because as well as going to a new school and moving to a different area you wanted to better yourself. you wanted to be a new , better you.

you got into some comfortable clothes , into cab taking you to your new apartment that your parents bought for started school tomorrow so that gave you a good amount of time to settle in and plus they bought groceries  and furniture in advance so you didn't have to worry about anything.

you arrive and get out of the cab luckily you had thought in advance just incase and dressed up more masculine to appear as a male if that was even possible. you get the keys out of your purse and open the door , closing it after you and entered and taking off your shoes. you were bored so you went on tiktok .there were obviously funny ones but there was this one tiktok you came across that you wanted to do but you had no one to do it with so you saved to your favourites.

you stopped and went downstairs to get a snack then looked at the time saw 11:30pm and decided you should at least get some sleep and brush your teeth before to look at little presentable for first impressions.

NEXT DAY - 7:30
the alarm you  put wakes you up, you get off your bed rubbing your eyes looking at the many new toothbrush selections that weren't necessary and you pick the black electric toothbrush for your lazy self and then hop in the shower.

you put your uniform on having 15 minutes to eat and put on your shoes. you ate your cereals and got the school location ready on your phone to walk holding your blazer and this is how you looked.

 you ate your cereals and got the school location ready on your phone to walk holding your blazer and this is how you looked

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you walked out the house using your keys to lock door make sure everything is safe , you text your parents on the family gc notifying them you are going to school .

familia .

good morning i hope
everyone had a good nights sleep,
just wanted to say i'm off to
school so if anything happens please
text me rather than calling me
i'll still get the message just won't get
my phone taken for it.

good morning to you to and
that's good that you're making sure
you arrive on time to school
hope it isn't just a first impressions
type thing .

angel stop reading my mind
and taking what i'm
going to type down because then
i have to delete it and think
of something else so it doesn't seem
like i'm copying you

you didn't even say good morning
back you disgusting peasant 😟

sorry momm...darling👴🏽

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