Chapter 2 'Outsiders'

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Heatherkit's POV

I pulled Icekit close and cowered in fear. I rolled up into a small ball and didn't speak.

"Who are you?", The strange voice asked.

I started to understand that this cat didn't want to hurt us by its tone of voice. It sounded like a young tom, about my age

"Sandpaw, don't go running of like that!", a voice a little farther exclaimed. That voice was a she-cat

"I'm sorry Hazelpaw, but what if it was a fox or something?"

"That doesn't mean you go running off! If it was a fox, you could've gotten killed!"

They started arguing back and forth like they were siblings. It reminded me of me and Birdkit, my brother that died of greencough last leafbare.

"What did you find Sandpaw?"

"Um... Kits?...."



"I don't get it"

"Just come and see"

'Sandpaw' lead 'Hazelpaw' over to our bush and poked his head back in. Icekit was staring up at him with huge amber eyes.

Oh StarClan help us...

"Hey Hazelpaw, they look scared"

>Time skip<

They took us to their camp and told their leader - Emberstar - that they found us in the forest. He agreed to let us stay unless anther clan came and got us.

I went up to the leaders den with Icekit so we could figure out our position in the clan for now.

"Good evening you two. You look like kits, but I could be mistaken, where were your positions in your clan?" Emberstar questioned us.


I tried to speak but no words came out.

Oh StarClan, this can't be good...
Grrrrrr.... No more inspiration to spare in this book..... And I don't give a crap about schedules.

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