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"The problem with you Ian is that you didn't know how to keep it in your pants" I say slowly walking towards him. He stays silent.

"The problem with you is that you didn't think I was worthy enough to wait, the problem with you is that you had sex with my twin sister before me" I hiss while glaring at him. He continues staring at me, probably wondering where I am coming with this.

"The problem with you is that it took you 7 years to come after me" I say, stopping right in front of him. He stares down at me shamefully.

"The problem with me, is that even after everything that has happened I would still give my life away to save yours"


Isabella used to be your typical sweet and shy 16 year old she-wolf. She loved life, she wasn't popular like her twin sister but she didn't really care. She woke up everyday knowing that maybe she would find her mate that day and that made her happy.

That happiness goes away as soon as she meets him. Why you may ask? He was having sex with her twin sister.

Not wanting to be one of those pathetic she-wolves who runs away she decided to change herself. No longer would she show others weakness.

Fast forward 7years and Ian comes back into her life, he wants her back. And he is willing to go to great lengths to get her.

(2nd book about Ian and Isabella, this is a spin-off to Mates with Alpha Maddox.)

Hey guys, idk if you guys are new readers or are coming from Mates with Alpha Maddox but either way welcome!

This is a spin off of Mates with Alpha Maddox. You do not need to read Mates with Alpha Maddox to understand this one but it would be nice if you check it out :)

I will start writing this one when Mates with Alpha Maddox is over. (Theres only like 3 chapters left as of now) so expect me to post a new chapter here very soon)

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-Ash xx

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