When a Heart Breaks

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The sun is low in the sky as it shines on the boardwalk. Tourists stroll down the beach, gasping in awe as skilled surfers ride the swells of massive waves. The day is picturesque, like it belongs on a postcard somewhere in a hallmark store.

But inside a boardwalk café, one booth is filled by three girls who’s mood is anything but cheery.

Delia and Tina sit across from Alyssa, all with morbid expressions on their faces. Today is their last day together, because tomorrow Alyssa makes her great escape to the ocean.  Delia sits closest to the window, her eyes fixed on the cup of coke in front of her. Her straightened, fiery red hair is pulled into a high bun.

Tina, on the other hand, looks perfect as always. Her blonde hair is curled and hairsprayed to perfection, and her tan body looks flawless in a white sundress.  Her face, however, gives the sadness of her mood away. Her makeup is smeared from tears, and her cheeks are flushed.

Both girls sit in silence as Alyssa gives them their final instructions.

“Don’t forget about Donny. He’s a crazy senior, but who knows what he’ll do once I disappear.”

Alyssa bites her lip and sighs. Her brown hair is adequately frizzy, matching her stressed mood. It was time to tie up all loose ends with a nice bow, and talking to her best friends was last on her list.

“Oh! Don’t forg-“

She gets cut off my Delia, who grabs her hand.

“’Lyssa,” she says in her high, tinkling voice. “Everything will be fine. We’ll take care of your family, and make sure no one knows about what really happened.”

Delia’s emerald eyes glow from her unshed tears as she smiles at Alyssa reassuringly.

Alyssa covers her mouth to hold back a sob.

“I love you guys so much. You know that right?”

This time Tina laughs. “Alyssa, we love you more than you know, either. Promise me that you won’t forget us while you’re playing with your new…er…mer-pals, okay?”

Alyssa laughs and nods at Tina jokingly. “Deal. As long as you don’t forget me while you strut your way through high school, Mrs. Popular.”

The three girls laugh and joke, remembering old times for a while longer before goodbyes are said, tears are shed, and they go their separate ways.

Alyssa take the walk home, walking along the sandy beach. The sun casts a low, red glow on the sky, and the serene ocean is void of any waves. The salty air whips Alyssa’s brown curls around her as she wraps her arms around herself.

At that moment, a giggle rips through the air, and three little girls come running down the beach, laughing and chasing minnows through the surf.

One girl has golden hair, ringlets running down her back. Her pale skin makes her look like an angel, and the bottom her pink dress gets drenched from the waves.

The next girl has dull auburn hair, tied up in a severe ponytail with a huge ribbon. Currently, the ribbon whips limply in the wind, threatening to come untied. Her blue overalls are rolled up to her knees as she and the blond girl chase a particularly big fish through the waves.

Finally, the last girl with brown hair and piercing hazel eyes makes eye contact with Alyssa. Her polka-dotted dress whips in the wind as she stares. Slowly, she lifts a hand and waves, a toothy grin showing.

Alyssa gasps and turns around, walking quickly down the beach until the three girls are out of sight. Once she finds herself alone, she sits down on the sand with a thump and lets out a long sob, gasping for breath.

The three girls were mirror images of her and her friends, and the last girl’s piercing hazel eyes set of a slideshow of memories.

Tears run like rivers down Alyssa’s cheeks as she lets out loud sobs. The memories come back in quick bursts.

Tina beating up Johnny Faris after he called Delia fat.

Delia finding a crab, and picking it up fearlessly to show her friends.

The three girls riding their first rollercoaster in sixth grade, all puking afterwards and swearing to never do it again.

Alyssa learning to surf for the first time.

Alyssa’s parents’  proud expressions as their only daughter graduated middle school with honors.

Donny teaching Alyssa how to climb the willow tree at the end of their street, cleaning her bloody knee after she fell off the top branch.

Finally, Alyssa remembers walking down the beach that fateful day when picked up the beautiful shell that reminded her of a faraway beach. Little did she know that the shell would set off a change of events that  would cause so much pain and heartbreak.

But then again, didn’t the shell also give her two knew best friends? Morgan and Romen were the only two people there for her when she turned into a mermaid. She had felt so alone and freakish until Morgan showed up.

And then there was Romen, the beautiful boy with glowing blue eyes who somehow knew whatever she was thinking before she even it. Their relationship was blurry, somewhere between friends and more than friends. After all, Romen had kissed her. But that was a butterfly kiss, barely counting as one, even though it had made Alyssa’s toes curl at the time.

All these thoughts crowd Alyssa’s already cloudy mind, and she flings herself backward into the sand with a groan.

She takes a deep gasping breath as she stares up into the never ending sky.. The sun was now dipping under the horizon, and stars spring into the sky like fireworks, twinkling and lighting up the dark beach.

The wind whips past her body and she shivers, rolling over to try warm up in the now cooled sand.  A halfhearted whimper makes it past her lips as tears continue to stream down her cheeks. Too tired to move, she lays there and cries silently.

Suddenly, the shuffle of feet snaps Alyssa out her tearful thoughts. A warm pair of arms pulls Alyssa into a hug, her head leaning into the strangers chest. She inhales deeply into a shirt that smells like citrus and laundry detergent, a familiar scent.

Romen runs a hand through Alyssa’s tangled hair and murmurs soothing words into her ears as a fresh wave of sob wracks her body. He cradles her bridal style as she burrows into his warm chest. His heart breaks as he looks down at the girl laying on him, the girl who’d gone through so much in the last six years.

He sighs and stands up, looking at the now sleeping Alyssa dreaming peacefully in his arms.  Shifting softly, he begins the short trek to her house, where he’ll put her in a warm bed and hope her heart doesn’t shatter even more tomorrow than it already has today.

 Awww, Ralyssa feels! ^_^

So, I there's a reason why I haven't updated.

I tried to earlier, and i had this HUGE chapter written full of drama and awesomeness. BUT SADLY, MY COMPUTER DISOBEYED ME. it deleted everything.

So...basically i had a temper tantrum and just now wrote a new one because I felt bad for making you guys wait...SO HERE YOU GO.

1-2 MORE CHAPTERS. I think. Unless I decide to add more to the story.

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