Ex (Dream X Reader)

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sorry guys im obsessed with dream
also no part 2 to my last one, im too lazy
inspo: https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdraKrRA/ and that one episode of euphoria

cw: alcohol consumption, semi-public sex

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You and Dream had broke up 2 weeks ago.

There were multiple reasons, but you guys had a huge explosive argument and it just, ended. Just like that. But god, you missed him. Sometimes he would text you late at night, saying how he can't stop thinking about you and how badly he needs to talk to you in person.

Even though you guys were broken up, sometimes you would get texts from him saying how he thinks about you when he jerks off, and how badly he wants you.

Tonight was the party.
One of your friends was hosting a big college party, everyone on campus would surely be there. You knew Dream would be going, so you decided to wear a outfit that would surely get his attention. Fishnets, with a cute black dress that ended about an inch or two below your ass, which also showed the cute amount of cleavage. You wore a small type of corset that hugged you tightly, showing off your curves. You curled your hair, and wore black army boots that laced up tightly. You looked hot, in your opinion.


Entering the house, you scanned the rooms. So many people, you had to practically push past them to get anywhere. You went to the kitchen, where people were taking shots. You smirked, grabbing one and filling it with booze. Your friends were probably around here somewhere, but you honestly didn't really care. You came here with one objective.

You downed the shot, wincing and immediately filling the glass up to take a second one. As you took the second shot, you saw Dream.

He looked a little confused, uncomfortable maybe. He was looking around, and locked eyes with you. You smirked, staring back. As a drip of booze rolled down your lip, you seductively wiped your lip off with your finger. Then put your finger in your mouth, and pulled off with a *pop*. Dream looked mesmerized, stunned even. He snapped back into reality, rolling his eyes and walking off somewhere you couldn't see through all the college students. Whatever.

You took one more shot before going off into the pool area. It was dark, the outside being lit by the lights in the pool. You glanced back, and saw it.

Dream was making out with some girl, staring at you. The girl's back was towards you, so you could clearly see his hand slowly trail down her back, to her ass and squeezing.

Petty. Two can play at that game.

You turned your back to him, and began undressing, leaving you in your black bra, underwear and fishnets. You turned your head, seeing him still staring, while that new bitch kissed his neck. You smirked, and stepped into the pool.

The pool was lit up by purple LED lights, giving everyone in it a beautiful purple glow. You could see Dream, now alone, leaning against the wall watching you. You needed to get back at him.

You looked around, seeing a cute boy sitting at the edge of the pool. You swam over, settling between his dangling legs.

"Hi", you smiled.

"Hey", he smiled back, god his smile was adorable.

You debated whether to talk your way into the kiss, or to just do it. What could go wrong?

You gently reached up and grabbed the collar of his button-up, and pulled him into a kiss. He kissed back immediately, placing a hand on your cheek. Cute.

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