Kill Me Now

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Your POV

I got into my car, you could hear it creak as you turned the key.

"C'mon... C'monnn...." I begged out loud.

The car sputtered and started up.

Sigh. One day this piece of crap is going to just fall apart. I jolted forward as I pushed the gas and was on my way to work.

After the huge traffic jams and a quick coffee stop, I was finally there. I walked in to see Veronica at the coffee machine. She spotted me and quickly made her way over.

"Good morning Ms. Excitement" She said sarcastically. I guess she could sense my tired matter.

I knew Veronica since grade 5. She is way cooler than me, and nicer, and happier. I honestly don't know how she does it. I've always been jealous of her golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She also was quite tall. She always hated her height, but I would kill for it. Models were tall, therefore I wish to be tall. But instead I'm stuck with stubby me.

"Ugh, how could you drink that stuff?" I gestured to her "office" coffee.

"It's not that ba- oh god here comes Frank." Her eyes widened.

I looked over my shoulder to see a shiny bald head walking towards us. That's Frank, my boss. He looked like the walking stereotype for "Asshole". He was looking at his clipboard as me and Ver took this opportunity to scram in different directions to our desk before being spotted. I got to my desk, and took in the sight of my grey cubical, with my grey computer, and grey file file cabinet. I looked at the clock, it was about 9:00 am.

Only 6 more hours of this shit.

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