Chapter 11

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A/N: There's going to be multiple POVs in this chapter: Unknown (they/them), Sora, and Kairi. This is one of the longest (and most important) chapters I've written so far. I hope you'll hang in there with me through the POV switches. It's worth it!!!


Unknown POV - During the Q&A portion of Sora's panel...

They stepped up to the microphone, their voice breathy as they asked their question. "Do you have a girlfriend, Sora?"

Seeing Sora looking like a deer in headlights was delightful. His reaction to their question was just what they were hoping for. Excited whispers started to swirl around the room, but Sora remained silent, his mouth hanging open.

Finally, after several moments, Sora audibly swallowed. His face became flushed. Perfect, they thought. "Um, well-" But they quickly cut him off with a surprising proposition before he could properly answer.

"I'm single. I'd love to get a drink sometime if you're open to it." The whispers quickly turned into wolf whistles and cheers from the crowd. They only had a moment to relish in the look on Sora's face and the attention they were getting from the rowdy crowd before they noticed Sora's eyes following someone out in the audience. This isn't what was supposed to happen, they thought. They wanted his attention. All of it.

"I, uh... That's uh..." Sora stuttered, looking more and more flustered. "I can't." His last words stumbled out of his mouth as his eyes panned to the only door in the back of the room. They quickly turned, but only caught the door closing behind someone. Who was he looking for? They wanted to find out immediately, but before they had a chance to say anything more, Sora stood up on the stage and leapt off, running past them. Everyone watched as he ran out, the volume of voices increasing tenfold as the inevitable gossip began.

While they were distracted by Sora running out, the microphone was ripped away from them by Terra. "Excuse me everyone! Sora had an emergency, but we're about to wrap up anyway. Thank you all for coming. And a huge thank you to Riku and Sora for their hard work. Let's give them a big round of applause!"

They didn't bother sticking around to see what Riku had to say. The whole reason they were here had run out of the door anyway. Clenching their fists, they stormed out of the room. Whoever stole Sora's attention from them would pay. Big time.

Kairi's POV - back at the hotel

"I'm so glad I packed a nice dress. I didn't expect to be going to a fancy restaurant while we were here, but I figured I'd better be prepared!" Kairi said as she pulled out a pink satin wrap dress.

Namine folded her legs underneath herself in the papasan chair, her eyes sparkling as she took in the dress. "Oooo, Kai! That is so pretty!"

Kairi gave her a smile. "Thanks. I bought it with my first big-girl paycheck. I've only been able to wear it to a wedding." Kairi held it up to herself as she looked into a large mirror, imagining what the date with Sora might be like...

"What a shame. You should just wear it around the house." Namine giggled at the thought of Kairi lounging in the satin dress, playing HoW, and petting Yuna. But another thought quickly replaced those. "Mmm, Sora is going to pass out when he sees you in this."

"Shush," but Kairi didn't really mean it. She had hoped to impress Sora and show that she could do more than just a t-shirt and jeans combo when she wanted to. "So what are you planning to do while I'm out for dinner with Sora?"

"Roxas invited me to go play some arcade games with him, Riku, and Axel. Probably gonna get something to eat while we're out, too." Namine replied, picking at the white fur of the chair so she could hide her face.

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