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Sup? The names Kayla Matthews, But I go by Apple which is my stage name. Some people even call me the pussy popper. Why ? Find out. Yes im a stripper at Daddys Kittens. I started stripping when I was 18 , that was two years ago. Stippers have their pros and cons , but working at the strip club brings money and that is where I found my man Damien.
Me and my two bestfriends Sage Johnson(Diamond) and Tiffany Allans(Jazz) both work there. We been rocking since grade school , nothing or nobody can ever tear our bond apart. Those are and forever my bad bitches for life.

Me? I bring money into the club , hell I am the club . Fuck what a nigga have to say.
But the only problem is I got a little sister name Sasha who looks up to me as her role model. And I feel like I'm letting her down due to the choices I made in life.
To her I'm just perfect , but really an perfect imperfection. Dont get me wrong I aint no dumb bitch , people say I'm smart but just lack common sense. Hmmm enough about me see you later on my babies.

What up what up , you got Sage Johnson in this bitch . But fuck that name call me Diamond , which is my stage name at Daddy's Kittens. I ain't even gonna lie imma bad ass bitch . I only fuck with Apple and Jazz. We went from coloring together to stripping together.
Im a lesbian , yess I love pussy I fucking adore pussy. There is nothing wrong with dick , but pussy is my thing. Im sleeping with one of my bestfriend. Who? Jazz. Pussy too fucking good not to taste. But Jazz ain't the only bitch I'm fucking with , little do she know.

Im single so I do me , I'm also the only child. Like Apple said stripping comes with its pro and cons . Hell I'm making money so a bitch aint bout to stop, but the only problem is my family think I'm a sweet church girl , who don't work at a strip club. Hell I am got damn 20 , shouldn't I make my own choices? Naah not when your mom's the First lady and your Father the Preacher of the biggest church in L.A.

Enough for now , duces

Yohoo Yohoo ! Yall got jazz up in this mutherfucker ! My real name is Tiffany Allans , but don't call me that shit.
I strip at Daddy's Kittens , which mean I be shaking my ass for a piece of change. I only fuck with the realest which is Apple and Diamond. Those my A1 since day one.

Here's a little bout me Im a lesbian , yup i sure am. I dont fuck with niggas , dick do not please me. I fuck with Diamond thats my baby , I'll do any and everything for ol' girl.

We all stay in L.A. close to home , close to family. Like my girls said stripping have their pros and cons , but shit I didn't face a con yet.

Aight fuck out and stay toon , dawgs.!

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