Chapter12: Jane and Master Aro

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Chapter 12

Jane asked for permission from Jasper if she could borrow me for a minute. Jasper agreed and before me and Jane can go anywhere, he pulled me in a hug and kissed me lightly on the forehead. The feel of his lips on my skin sends electric shocks in my body. That made Jane sneered. Not in a bad, rude manner. But in an amused, friendly one. As soon as we were out of the thick doors, I realized we were heading in a different direction. Curious, I asked Jane.

" Where are we heading? " I stammered. 

" To my room. I would like to do something with you. And I don't want prying  eyes from my fellow Volturi guards. But I think, I have to explain to our Master afterwards. But I'm sure he will understand. I'm his favorite. " She said in a proud voice.

" Alright. Okay with me. " I informed her. She shrugged like a little kid and gave me another angelic, innocent smile.

I returned the smile and finally we came into a stop in front of another wooden, ancient door. The room was located in the west part. Jane opened the door and she gestured for me to get inside. I followed after her, not sure whether I should be scared of Jane or be intrigued by her. She left behind the door to close it, but she did not lock it.

" Well, Jane? What is it you wanted to do with me? " I asked, my eyebrows arched.

" I want to test my gift on you. I would like to see if you can be spare or my pain could inflict on you. " Jane said in a small icy voice.

My eyes widened with horror but I mentally slapped myself. I'm going to join this unusually large coven and I'm afraid from my future, fellow guard? No, I'm not. Jane saw the early hesitation died from my eyes. But she  just laughed. Her voice was like magic.

" Sure. Go ahead. It intrigues me also. " I told her. My eyes were shining with curiosity.

Jane lifted her hood from her head and concentrated on my face. She plastered a grin on her face and a second later, I was on the floor. Writhing in pain. I was not screaming but I was groaning and whimpering like a stray cat.The pain was horrible. My body was burning inside everywhere. Every vein, every bone inside me was burning. But as quickly as it had hurt, the burning faded. When I rose from my knees, Jane was smiling happily and she was even humming a tune to herself.

" That hurt a lot Jane. " I said while I was brushing off the wrinkles from my green shirt. Jeesh, I still havent change. I smelled bad but Jasper was saying over and over again that I smelled of freesia and lush.

" Of course. Well, I conclude, that you are immune to my illusion of pain. The official term for my exceptional, formidable gift. " jane said proudly as she twirled in circles gracefully. She reminded me of Alice. Her fourteen year old preserved delicate angelic beauty was shining with joy.

" Of course I am. However, I'm completely wondering what would be my special ability when I become one of you. " I blurted out before I could stop myself.

" I don't know. But I know and my insticnts were telling me that you have great potential. " Jane said.

I smiled at the great compliment. But we were interrupted when Jasper went inside closely followed by Aro and Chelsea. I saw Jane's reaction when she saw Aro with Chelsea. Jane is a mystery. I have to find out what's pestering her everytime she sees Chelsea's pretty face.

" My Bella. " Jasper said and i ran into his open arms. He held me and then he pressed his face in my hair, when he released me, Aro was waiting patiently for my attention to be shifted on him.

" Master Aro. " I speak his name and bowed courteously.