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Sleepy and dark.

Dark and creepy.

Creepy and hollow.

The heart contains what allows the dark unending!

Drifting off,

To no extent,

Followed by my mistress head.

Me, my madam

Climb a hill

Fetching water by the mill

The sky goes black

The air a chill

Well water blood red

Down flops,

Her head.

Followed by the masters,

Bodies dead cold.

Drip, drip

Slice, slice

One arm, two arms,

Now her thighs.

First was the blade,

Now a knife.

Next is a battle,

For the rest of her life.

Started as a rumor,

Now everyone knows.

Her eyes were screaming for help,

But the threats flowed out.

Although it was payback,

She was dying inside.

Her tears were nothing,

But her mind was far gone.

She was already dead,

She just finished her off.

Now in her grave,

Suddenly a story.

Soon to be forgotten!

Good night, sweet dreams!

Someone cares!

I promise!

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