sorry about the shortness of chapter I (this should´ve been on the previous chapter) anyway, here it is hope you enjoy it!


I waited for the principal on the room for 15 minutes and somehow I couldn´t take that past moment off my head. It was the first day of my freshman year, and I felt it was going to be a great year.

Suddenly I heard a girl´s voice speaking/shouting. I jumped off my chair and turned to see an auburn-haired girl with blue eyes about my age, 14. She started saying to me:

“Oh My Goodness! Tell did you do that?!"  I didn´t have any idea of what she was talking about.

“How did I do what?” I said really startled.

“Oh! Please… don´t be silly, you know...” she said, as she made a motion with her head to point toward the office´s door. I looked to the door, but I didn´t understood her.

“No. Really, I don´t know what you´re talking about” I said. This girl was starting to freak me out. You just don´t go all around the world telling strangers how they did stuff when they don´t even know what they did.

“Talking to Billy. How did you do that?"

  How did I talk to him? What was this girl talking about?

"Well, I didn´t talk to him… I mean I did, but he was the one who talked to me first"

“Then why are you not jumping of joy!? You just accomplished what every single girl in this school wants to do! ” Then she stared murmuring “Well, when you´re not Riley Ross, and her group of friends”

OK. I didn´t know why she was acting this way. And she just said Riley Ross as if she was the nastiest person in the world. She couldn´t be that bad; and besides, Billy seemed just a normal teenage guy who went to school as any of us, why should I be so happy for talking to him?

“Sorry, I don´t mean to be rude, but I don´t know why should I be that happy. He is just a normal guy, maybe he is the sport superstar on the school or something, isn´t him?”

“Girl, now I know why you´re staring at me like you have no idea of what I´m talking about.  You don´t know who he is, do you?”

“Umm…no, not really. Who is he that is so astonishing to talk to him?

 “He is Billy Unger. He has acted in 12 movies being Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage his last work; and in 12 shows, including voice dubbing”.

“Wow. You DO know about him don´t you?”

“Yes! And by the way… sorry if I freaked you out. It wasn´t my intention, I was just stunned that´s all. My name´s Rachel, if you need something. I can see you´re new. Where are you from?”

I was about to tell her when the principal´s office opened. I stood up and told Rachel my name and that I hoped to see her around. She seemed to be a girl to be comfortable with, despite all the facts that she knew. I couldn’t take off my mind that Billy was an actor. Why hadn´t he told me? Maybe because at least for once he wanted to be treated as a normal guy and not the “superstar Billy Unger”. Or maybe he tried to talk to the girls but they just got too stunned and freaked out or something. Anyway, I turned to the office and started walking as he was going out. He smiled to me and was going to tell me something when –again- the principal told me to hurry.  

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