Chapter 4. Stranger.

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After everything that happened yesterday didn't think I would be able to face Jeremy again. I mean the guy freaking kissed me and not just once. It was the best kiss, it was the best kiss that I have had so far, considering he was the only guy that I have ever kissed, but it was amazing. It was simply amazing to feel his lips on mine. I know this is going to sound lame but it felt real, like when people describe it in books or movies. Like the sparks and them being the one and all that lovey dovey stuff.

"Angel, we are going shopping" Jeremy said pecking through our bedroom door. He didn't even look phased about what happened last night. It was like he had completely forgotten about it. That did kind of hurt me.

"Ok" I said hoping off my bed.

"Rose can you stay close to me today while we are out?" He asked blocking me from exiting our room.

"Why?" I asked. He was so confusing. One minute he acts like we didn't even kiss last night then the next he doesn't want me to leave his side.

"Because it's not safe around here" He simply said.

"Jeremy nowhere is safe now come on stop being silly" I said attempting to leave our room. Though he wouldn't let me.

"Please promise me, I have people up here people that don't particularly like me, I need to know that you are safe" He said looking sad.

"Jeremy why did you get sent to prison? I know that it was because of something that happened up here while on holidays but I want to know what you actually did"

"None of your concern Angel, trust me, you really don't want to know" He said before turning around and disappearing down the hall.

See what I mean? He is just as bad as a freaking girl sometimes.


"Darling, how about this one?" Mum said pulling me over to a clothing store. I hated shopping, I have never really been a girlie girlie. Though mum still insists that she helps me pick out my own clothes. She still thinks I'm her little girl.

"Mum my feet hurt and this is boring" I whinged. We had been shopping for hours.

"Oh stop it, now come on, one more shop, we will only be a couple of minutes" She said walking in.

"Fine" I said grunting.


"See that wasn't so bad was it?" Mum said as I carried out 3 bags. It was so painful, mum brought me so many clothes it wasn't funny, I had spent half of my time in there just trying clothes on. It was not fun at all.

"Yeah, yeahI'm going to sit down while you find the boys" I said as I started walking over to a bench.

"Ok won't be too long, just stay there" She said before walking off.

I put the bags down and sat on the chair. Pleasure came instantly. All the way from my feet to my head felt better.

We had been shopping now for around 5 hours. I slowly closed my eyes and relaxed.

"Are you right there?" A voice came from behind me.

I quickly opened my eyes. There on my right hand side stood a man. I really hot man. Nothing like Jeremy though. He had brown hair that looked a tad messed up, a plain black shirt on and jeans. His eyes were brown. Nothing near as good as Jeremy's Blue eyes.

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