LIAM's LOVE SLAVE: Short Story ~ Romance

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 'Why, it is a most delightful pleasure to see you again!'  Liam's eyes bore into hers, his saccharine sweet greeting and the ice cold eyes in total conflict with each other.

 Jessica held her breath too afraid to release it.  She'd rather be any where else but in this room facing this testosterone filled, almost seven foot framed hunk who was disorientating every nerve in her body.  His glare had the potential of an F5 tornado just waiting to rip her senses apart in a matter of seconds with those piercing, brown eyes blazing at her . Now he was waiting for her to respond, she knew there were more fiery weapons he wanted to unleash at her, but had them just barely sheathed because of where they were.  She was too weary to even attempt a coherent reply, but knew she had to say something.

 'Liam, good evening,' she offered, licking her lower lip as the parched feeling spread from her throat to her lips.

 'Is that all you have to say for yourself?' He growled harshly.  His voice  sharp but low so that others could not hear their exchange.

 Nervously she looked around licking her lips again, hoping nobody had their eyes trained on her and Liam, but then she should have known better, Liam was an 'A list' crowd puller.  His high profile status as successful multimillionaire in the information technology sector and not to forget one very sinfully attractive and eligible bachelor made him a sought after prize as draw card to any social event.  Almost every woman in the room had her eye focused on Liam, even the men in the room, found his aura irresistible.  Envious eyes glared at her for having attracted the eye of the hunk of the night. It was only with newly discovered nerves of steel that Jessica had refrained from looking in his direction all evening, until he eventually sought her out.  Looking into Liam's eyes had the same effect as being sunk in and swallowed up in the Bermuda Triangle, and didn't she know firsthand the devastation that one suffered from the effects of being a victim of the " Liam Thornton" charm.

 Jessica very slowly released her breath, allowing herself a momentarily and very unwise glimpse at the past.  It had been  eight months ago, eight long, painful months ago, that she had ended their relationship.  Eight torturous months of just existing, of putting one foot in front of the other. Going mechanically from work to home, home to work, watching day become night.  The seasons changed, as fall turned into the dead lifeless winter just like her life.   She had tried to forget this man who had cruelly ripped her poor sorry heart apart.  But as always when she looked at him, she forgot the simple exercise of how to allow oxygen into her starved lungs. 

She had to look anywhere but at him now.  There were too many painful memories that would reflect in her eyes and she could not let him see that.  She hated the way her body betrayed her even now, so arousingly aware of his magnetic presence.  Jessica rubbed her palm slowly over her shivering arm, ridiculous when it was a hot summer's night.  Oh, how she hated the way her shameful body always responded to him, without any express effort from him whatsoever.

 Compelled by an unknown force, reluctantly she raised her eyes to his.  His gaze bore into her reminding her of all the times she had laid in his arms, the times he reduced her to putty, the times she clung to him, never wanting his loving to stop.  She swallowed nervously.  Though truth be told, off course she knew exactly what that force was, that fierce undeniable attraction that they had shared.  She had never experienced that connection with anybody before or after him.  And she had had boyfriends before him, and irritatingly post Liam, she was to discover it was an attraction that no other man was able to match.  How she had tried, by accepting dinner invitations, going on dates with other men in the hope of trying to wipe out the memory of Liam Thornton from her mind, and from her heart, but his mark on her heart was indelible.  She had failed hopelessly time and time again.  And now as she looked into those dark eyes, as they slowly moved from her luscious lips to her aroused nipples clearly visible beneath her crème silk gown hugging her hourglass figure, she shivered involuntarily.

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