Stupid Invisible Rocks

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Please don't pick up.


Please don't pick up.


Please don't-





"That would be me."

"How did you get this number?"


"I don't have a Facebook account."


"Why are you wasting my time with your pointless phone call?"

"This call isn't pointless!"

"Go on?"

"I wanna have hot passionate sex with you and your brother," I mumbled.

The gang fell over in laughter.

"Shut it!" I glared at my so called friends.

"What?" Hikaru asked.

"Not you."

"I know genius, I didn't hear what you said before that," he said rudely. You got to be kidding me.

"I want to have hot passionate sex with you and your brother."


"I want to have hot passionate sex with you and your brother!"


"No I will not repeat myself again!"


I can imagine Hikaru eye's popping out there sockets. Imagine how I feel, I just want to die of embarrassment.

"Yeah, well bye!" I hung up.

"I hope you're happy," I glared at Taylor.

"Very," Taylor giggled.

"So who's turn is it?" Aneesa asked.

"Oh me, me!" Mitsukuni raised his hand high in the air, as if he was a nerd in class.

"Okay, truth or dare Mitsukuni?" Mike asked, grinning.

"Dare," Mitsukuni said proudly but still cutesy like always.

"I dare you to kiss one of the three ladies in the room," Mike paused for dramatic affect, "Until I say stop."

"That shouldn't be to hard," Mitsukuni said his smile never vanishing.

"Oh did I mention, you have to use tongue," Mike said evilly.

"You horny bastard," Aneesa laughed throwing one of the small pillows at his head.

"Missed," Mike childishly sticking his tongue out at Aneesa.

"What are you five?" Taylor said.

"No, I'm seven!"

"I have idiots for friends," I said shaking my head.

"That hurts right here," Mike said sadly (fake) placing a hand above his heart.


"I pick Erin."

"What?" My eyes widen after realizing what Mitsukuni said.

"I choose you."

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