Old Men and Ketchup

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After the movie we had all took the limo back to Mike's house. Well not all of us, Haruhi had gone back to the hotel because she was tired. Tamaki had left with her, not wanting his 'little girl' to go back to the hotel unprotected. The twins had followed complaining that it was too boring.

And that's when my night had gotten a whole lot better.

Luckily Mike's parents were on a romantic evening so we wouldn't be bothered by them tonight.

The gang and the two remanding host club members were all in Mikes living room chatting away till Taylor spoke up.

"Guys it's ten o'clock, I'm not tired. We got a room full of people. We should do something."

"What do you suggest we do, Taylor?" Aneesa asked curiously. Aneesa was sitting on the floor with her back propped against the wall.

"Anything but this. Like seriously I'll rather watch paint dry than sit here and do nothing," Taylor complained.

"How about a good old game of truth or dare," Mike smirked.

"What are we eight?" Taylor grumbled.

"Well it's something," Mike mumbled childishly.

"We should play!" Mitsukuni cried out gleefully as he hugged his bunny closer to him.

"Right Takashi?"

"Yeah,"Mori agreed apathetically.

"Noooooo, it's so junior high!" Taylor protested dragging the 'No' out.

"I never played the game before so can we please play it, Tay-Chan?" Mitsukuni asked Taylor adorably. He bated his eyes and puckered out his button lip.Awww...

"Uh... su-sure why not," Taylor stuttered.

"Okay everyone in a circle, it's time for truth or dare," I said grinning.

Everyone attempted to make a circle but in the end it looked more like a deformed oval.

"Before we begin I'll like to warn whoever refuses to do as told has to drink a cup of ketchup," Aneesa announced.



"I hate ketchup," Taylor gagged.

"I know, now there hardly be a chance someone will refuse a dare if that's the punishment," Aneesa said smugly.

"Okay, so who's going first?" I asked.


"No takers?" Still nothing.

"Wimps, I'll just pick... Mike it was your idea why don't you go first."

"It was Taylor's nagging that got me to suggest it," Mike defended.

"Yeah, but you were still the one that chose it!"

"Enough, Mike truth or dare?"


"I dare you to run up and down the block only in your boxers screaming 'I'm a women, hear me roar'." I said, my lips turning into huge grin. Everyone with the exception of Mike and Mori burst into a fit of giggles.

"What? No," Mike declined.

"You gotta do it Mike," Taylor teased.

"Hell no!" Mike hissed.

"Aneesa mind getting the cup of ketchup?" I asked Aneesa.

"No not at all," She replied getting up from her sitting position.

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