Possibilities are Endless

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Possibilities are Endless (24/3/11)

Grabbing my pen and paper,

A poem in head.

I write here about something I've accomplished,

And I’m really delighted.

In the beginning,

I had a goal, a mission.

To get over you

Something I’ve completed.

I never thought I could do this.

I thought this mission of mine was impossible.

I was wrong, dead wrong.

It’s perfectly achievable

You sent me your love,

This time my tummy didn’t flutter like it used to.

I returned a polite small and walked away from you.

This time I didn't feel regret,

Didn’t feel a sense of loss.

The thought that maybe,

The other guy distracted me existed.

But that quickly faded away.

Faded away making me feel contented.

The feeling is overpowering,

Maybe the feelings between us are mutual now.

It took me long enough to make my mind up about you.

My heart seems whole, or maybe it wasn’t broke in the first place.

Here's a penny for your thoughts;

If you truly set your heart and mind to something,

Possibilities are endless.


This is my follow-up poem to "Get over you".

Leave your thoughts :)

©2011 Skyler Jayne

~Writing Tales of Love and Heartbreak ♥ ~

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