~ Chapter 2 ~ Just like Naruto

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Kakashi turn back to the enemy, but he's gone. He look around confused and look at Sasuke and Naruto that stands at their gards, but the ones that they fought are also gone. Naruto runs to Kakashi.

"W-what happened!? Where did they go! And what happened to Sakura!" He says all pumped up. Sasuke walks after him and stop beside him.

"I don't know, but they took Sakura." Kakashi says calmly. Naruto stare at him and take up his fist and look angry.

"Then we're going to take her back! Where did those bastards go, we have no time to loose!" Naruto scream and starts to run, Sasuke just look at him and facepalm, Kakashi runs after him and grab his arm.

"Naruto!" he screams and look serious at him.

"Why are you stopping me!?" he looks angry at Kakashi.

"We have to save her!" he says and take his arm back and turn around but Sasuke stand ifront of him and stops him, Kakashi take his hands on Narutos shoulders.

"You two, you continue heading for the hidden sand." he says and harden his jaw, Naruto stare at him when Kakashi take up a note and the delivery and hand it over to Sasuke.

"I'll save Sakura, don't worry." he says and smile to Naruto, and Sasuke noods and take the package and note. Naruto smile to him and grab Kakashis arm.

"I count on you, sensei. Promise me you'll save Sakura." he says and smile big but you still see the pain in his eyes that he himself won't be the hero.

"It's a promise" he says and wave his hand and start running into the woods. He has no idea, where she is or why she was taken or who those guys where, but he will find her and save her. He stops and summon his dogs. "Hey, kakashi." pakkun says and noods. Kakashi take up a piece of clothing that he ripped of of one of the enemies. "Can you trace this scent?" he says and hand it to pakkun, pakkun smells and sniff on it and noods and starts to run and Kakashi runs after him. He have too save her, not just for everybody, Naruto, Sasuke, her mom and all her friends, not just them, because of himself also...Sakura means very much to him, not just as his student...she's a very beautiful woman.

Kakashi runs after Pakkun throught the trees in the Woods. Pakkun sniffs around and stops some meters infront of a wooden house and look at Kakashi.

"The scent stops here, i Think Sakura is in there" Pakkun gesticulate and kakashi look at the wooden house. Sakura in there? She would've broke that house minutes ago with her strenght, he wrinkle his forehead and look at Pakkun.

"Thanks" He says and Pakkun dissapear.  Kakashi runs to the wooden house and look at it and scream.

"Sakura, are you there!?" He screams and take his fist on the wall.

"Kakashi!" He hear Sakura scream, but it sounds far away...he punch the wall gain.

"Sakura! Why don't you break the wall?!" He screams and run around the house and sees a door. Why do it have a door? Are they stupid? Kakashi walks against it and take a hand on the handle.

"Kakashi, don't open the door!!" She screams and kakashi wrinkle his forehead again and open the door, but it's like a force drags him in and he gets dragged iin the house and the door slam. Sakura lay her palm on her forehead and shake her head.

"Clever sensei, clever..." She mutter. Kakashi look back at the door confused and then on Sakura. She stand leaning against the wall with her palm on her forehead.

"Are you okay, Sakura?" Kakashi says and walk towards her and take his hands on her shoulders worried. Sakura look serious at him and roll her eyes.

"I'm fine..." She says and sigh and look back at him.

"Good, then we're out of here." He says and walk towards the door and push down the handle but nothing happens, kakashi gets irritated and focus chakra in his hand and run with a chidori against the door.

"SENSEI!" Sakura scream but kakashi runs towards the wall and hit the wall with his chidori, but nothing still happens. Sakura breathe calmly and walk up beside him.

"Look" She says and back a little and focus chakra in her fist and run against the wall and punch, but the wall doesn't even get a single scratch.

"Even with my super strenght, the walls won't break, i've tried now multiple times...it's a weird kind of jutsu, i don't know." she says with a irritated glare at the wall.

Kakashi look at Sakura and take a hand behind his head and scratch and grin a little.

"What are we supposed to do now!" Sakura yell irritated and walk around the room. Kakashi lean against the wall and sigh.

"Calm down Sakura!"

"Calm down! I expected you too break this jutsu, not getting stuck inside with me." She mutter.

"You acted just like Naruto right now."

Kakashi look at her and giggle a little behind his mask.

"Gomensai...i guess" he says sitting down on a wooden bench that lays into the wall and lay his head back look up at the wooden roof.

"What are we supposed to do know?" Sakura mutter and scratch her feets against the floor unpatient.

"We'll have to wait for someone to take down, the creater of this jutsu..i guess." Kakashi says and take up his book. Sakura look at him and roll her eyes.

"Yeah...Sasuke and Naruto... we have to have faith in them.." she says and walk towards Kakashi interested and irritated on him and his damn book. Kakashi noods and starts to read his book concentrated when Sakura sits down beside him and cheek over his shoulder. Kakashi blush and look at her.

"W-what are you doing?" he stumble with his words.

"I've always wondered what that book is about, what makes it so special that sensei like it?" She says and raise her eyebrow and smile.

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