🔸 What a timing 🔸

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So, this takes place when Rhydian's living with Smith's.
It's just a normal saturday night
for them. Or is it? Hehe

Maddy's pov

''Rhydian! Come down stairs, we have bacon for dinna'!''

I yelled from the couch, and closed me math book.

''I'm comin' , Mads!''

He yelled back, loud enough for whole Britain to heart.
I loughed, typical Rhydian.

He came down stairs in sweatpants and T-shirt.

Awww, he looks so adorable. He cought me staring and smiled. I felt tingling sensation in me chest and blushed madly.

''So, where's tha' bacon?'' He asked and jumped onto sofa, with that cute silly smile plastered on his face.

I loughed. ''It'll be ready in minute, mam and da' are in the kitchen. Did ya finish your math homework?''
I asked, trying to sound calm, but me heart beat was loud, I think he can hear it.
Of course he can, he has a super hearing cuz he's a wolfblood!
My brain yelled.
Oh shut up brain.

''Umm... No.'' He said and loughed, schretching his neck.

I rolled me eyes at him and loughed.

''I should have gussed, mr bad boy never does his homework.''
I said teasing him.

He glared at me and then loughed.
I pushed him on the sofa playfully and we laughed. I jumped on the top of him. He was suprised but he just laughed more.
We laughed histericly like fools for almost like five minutes.
We didn't realise it, but we both leaned in slowly.

''Maddy! Rhydian! Dinner's ready!''

We heard mam yell and we quickly jumped apart, and Rhydian fell on the floor.

We couldn't help but lough histericly.

What a timing...

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