Dj's other baby momma, Kyra in the media.

Baby you can leave. - Kevin Gates


"Where his bags at?" I ask my other baby momma. Me and my brothers and sisters decided to surprise ma, daddy, and our younger siblings by flying out to Jamaica tonight.

"In his room. Ronnie, come on, your daddy here!" Kyra yells throughout her house. He walks out the back rolling his Louis Vuitton luggage. My son only nine but he traveling with the best of shit always.

I take it from him then hug him. "Hey, daddy." he says. "Wassup? You straight, lil dude?" I ask. He smiles then nods his head. "I lost another tooth!" he exclaims, showing me a space from his missing tooth in the back of his mouth. "You got a old man mouth now." I joke, laughing. He laughs then pushes me. "Shut up, daddy." he says. I laugh. Sometimes I just stare at him, Summer, and Juanye' and wonder what I did to deserve them. My kids make me feel like the most important nigga on the planet. I wouldn't trade it for shit.

"Give yo mom a hug so we can go." I tell him. "Bye, baby." Kyra says, hugging him. He hugs her then sprints to the door. Kyra looks at me. I could never forgive her for getting me locked up for a răpe I didn't commit when I was thirteen but I try to look past it for our son.

"Thank you. You a good daddy." she says. I nod my head. "Bye." I say. She opens her arms. I hug her. She ain't letting go. "I miss you. You remember how much you loved me when we were kids?" she asks. I push her off me. "I got a woman and you know that ion want you." I say, then walk out. She ain't an ugly girl but I don't really find her attractive, I know I'm mixed and all but I got a thing for dark girls so I definitely don't look at her like that.

I just got to my house. I hand Juanye' to Ronnie then walk upstairs to my room. "Oh my God." I hear Mia scream out. I raise my eyebrow

I open the door. She on the bed wincing in pain. She notices me then jumps and sits up, chewing her lip from the pain she attempting to hide from me.

"What's wrong with you? You sore from fuckin' another nigga?" I ask.

She smacks her lips. "Shut up, the only man I'm fucking is you and that's when you can get it up and if I'm lucky, make it stay up for more than two minutes." she says, rolling her eyes. "Maybe if you work on yo sex appeal, you'll be able to turn me on like London do." I mumble.

"The fuck you just say? You fucking her again?" she screams. "Shut up. Why you in pain?" I ask. "You are fucking her, aren't you?" she asks, glaring at me. "Chill out, I haven't fucked her since I apologized. I said I wasn't gone do it since I'm with you and I didn't go back on my word. Come on now, Mia, don't act jealous. I'm loyal to you." I say in all honesty. She don't turn me on like she used to but I'm still loyal to the girl, gotdamn.

She rolls her eyes. "You had five condoms in your wallet. We haven't had sex, you gave one to Eric so he could fuck a stripper, you gave another one to Chevy before he went to Jamaica so he could fuck that old lady at Hooters, so that left three condoms. There's only one left in your wallet so did you use them on that bitch?" she asks.

I face palm myself. "Go be a detective since you wanna try to figure shit out. I said I didn't do it." I say. She so irritating. I don't know why I deal with this shit everyday of my life.

She groans in pain, biting her lip. "Mia, I ain't asking you again. What the fuck wrong with you?" I ask. She looks in my eyes with tears in hers. "I went and aborted our baby today cause you don't love me and I'm slowly losing feelings, I just deal with you. I didn't want another child with you." she says.

I raise my eyebrow. I didn't even know she was pregnant. I chuckle. "So, that's how it is? You just go kill my fucking seed without letting me know shit about it?" I ask. She nods her head yes. "Aight." I say. I go grab her some garbage bags. "You can leave, I ain't trippin'. Don't pack shit I bought neither, bitch." I say, then walk out the room.

That shit was so foul on so many levels and that's some shit I could never forgive her ass for. She so gotdamn selfish, gone kill an innocent baby cause I ain't into her like that. Dumb ass pathetic bitch. That ain't the same girl I grew up with and fell in love with at all. The old Mia never would've did any of the shit she be doing. Money and the fast life changes people though, I just didn't think it would've changed her.


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