Gaara's POV

It's been much longer than an hour now. Still no sign of Suzume. I can't even smell her blood. already have an idea, too.

By the time she came back, the sun was already starting to set. She was drenched! What happened to her?

"Long story," She said, catching her breath. "Some leaf genin pulled a prank on me and got me to fall in the lake."

Leaf genin? "I'll pulverize whoever-"

"It's not necessary," She said, smiling. "It was actually kind of funny!"

"Fine," I growled. Anyone lay a finger on Suzume...

"So now I'm soaked." She finished.

"Well it is getting late, and you haven't eaten anything today. Would you like to go back to the apartment?"

Surprisingly, she shook her head. "No. Not yet. Once it gets dark out, then we'll leave. I'm guessing we have at least another hour." She gazed at the sky, filled with countless shades of pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows.

"Alright," I agreed. "Now, I want you to try that jutsu again," I pointed to a tree.

She nodded, then thrust her arm outward. A thin blade of air colored with her greenish chakra sliced through the air, but faded more the farther it went. Chakra shouldn't be green. It should be the bluish color. Only jinchuriki have different colored chakra.

"Maybe if you put more chakra into it, it will go a greater distance," I suggested.

She sighed. "Alright," She said quietly. I could feel rage bubbling up from inside her.

She tried again, and this time it got within a foot of the tree, then dissipated into the night mist.

Her hands became fists. "I can never get it right," She whispered.

"That was very close. I bet you'll get this jutsu down within a short time. A few days at the most," I commented. Suddenly, an idea came to my head. Could Suzume control a stream of air like my sand?

"I want you to try something else," I began, taking the plug off my cork. She looked frustrated, but curiosity sparked through her eyes. "I want you to try to summon a large portion of dense air, like my sand. I believe you can do this. Just try."

"Okay," She said, taking in a deep breath. I saw a stream of greenish air start to form. When I looked at Suzume herself, she looked like she was almost at her limit. The air started to become a more opaque greenish blue. I watched in awe as some of the air began to envelop her hand, and the remaining air reshaped to form a larger version of her arm. She went to go grab the tree.

Out of nowhere, Suzume collapsed. I ran up to her, and she sat up a little. Her hands grabbed her head in a way like I do. She gritted her teeth, and I watched in horror as she cried out in pain.

* * *

Suzume's POV

My head was gripped with intense pain, a pain I've never felt before. I clutched my head with my hands, and a growl resonated from within my mind.

The jutsu! I almost had it down, and it was almost flawless! Why can't I be like Gaara, who can use his powers and wield sand perfectly?


Temari's POV"

It's already getting dark, and there's no sign of the twins. I know Gaara said they were going to train, but geez! They've been gone since the crack of dawn!

I sat on the huge couch, waiting for them to get back. Kankuro's voice startled me.

"I like it when it's quiet," He stated. "Peaceful."

I shook my head. "Well, you never know with Gaara."

"Yeah," He agreed.

Gaara's POV

"Suzume," I tried to calm her, ease the pain. I've never been good at this kind of stuff. "Suzume your jutsu was amazing."

That seemed to only make her more mad. "Well, it didn't work!" She hissed.

"Well you just need some patien-"

"I'm not you, Gaara! I don't have a special jutsu I can use! All I can do is depend on you or Temari or even Kankuro! I have to rely on someone else, because I'm never good enough!"

I felt the wind pick up, blowing my hair around. The connection with my sister, at that moment, didn't feel the same. This level of rage- I'm not used to it! Not from her, at least.

I tried my best to remain calm, though the spiraling wind kept spinning, a faint greenish blue hue becoming clearer and clearer. "Suzume," I pleaded.

She stood up, then gripped her head again. I can't stand her to be in pain like this.

Sending some of my sand out, I restrained my sister's ankles and wrists. The wind was closing in on me, now ripping leaves off the branches. This isn't Suzume, this is Shukaku!

She couldn't go anywhere with her limbs tied together. I made a hand sign, then pressed her forehead. I saw her go limp, and caught her with my sand as she fell. I breathed a sigh of relief when the wind slowed to a halt, the forest's peace returning.

I released the sand's grip on her arms and legs, and plugged my gourd. What an eventful day. I carefully checked her pulse, then picked up her damp body, and disappeared in a swirl of sand, reappearing at the doorstep of the apartment.

Opening the door, I saw Kankuro and Temari watching the weather. It said the winds picked up today. Ha.

"What'd you do to Suzume?" Kankuro asked, pointing to my sister's limp body.

"Bother me and I'll kill you," I muttered coldly to Kankuro. He sighed.

"Well, is she okay?" Temari asked, a worried expression on her face.

"Yes, she's fine," I said, walking into the hallway. "Like I said before- Bother me, and I'll kill you."

I gently lay my sister in her bed, scribbling down a note telling her to sleep in. I rest the note on her nightstand, and walked off into my room.

Feeling the cool night air, I opened the window, and climbed through it. I quickly climbed up onto the roof, and sat there, lost in thoughts about the day, gazing up into the glittering night sky.

* * *

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