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I apologize if the story seemed cliché in the beginning but it'll get better. You guys feel free to comment and let me know how you feel about certain parts. I love feedback. The drama will pick up ;)


It was the day of prom and I could not shake the feeling of anxiety that over came me. Senior year had flashed by right before my eyes. It was like I had just met Trey, Blair, and Marquise. It was like I had just moved in with Titi too.

I cleaned my face as I prepared to go get my makeup done by a friend of Titi's. Blair was supposed to meet up with me later but she was not answering which made me feel as though she was either with Marquise or doing her own thing.

I didn't even care. Trey and I had been spending all of our time together and shit just seemed to be going right for us for a change. Was I going to pretend like we were perfect, nah. It was far from that, but we had substance.

I walked out of the bathroom after handling my hygiene. I had to hurry up and get to Titi's friend who would be handling my face and hair because she had to do my hair first. I was really scared because Titi ordered her to do something DIFFERENT. I hated change.

I didn't learn the woman's name and I didn't care to. I was just worried about how she was going to make me look. She worked with my aunt and her models and I knew that anybody Titi would be getting to handle me, would be nothing short of amazing.

I put the address into my phone as the Bluetooth connected making my phone and car sync. Before Siri could tell me where to go, my phone rang. It was Blair.

"Hoe! You were just gonna leave me!?" She screamed causing me to turn the radio in the car down. "Some nerve!"

"Bitch, she wants me there early and she already told me, my hair would take HOURS!" I snapped back.

Was Blair still pregnant? She always thought the universe revolved around her and it pissed me off. Just like today was her prom day, it was MINE too.

"Well my hair has been done since last night, I just need my makeup done, and you still could have waited but I'll just meet you out there hoe. Send me the address." She replied and before I could get another word in, the phone clicked signaling that she had hung up.

I made a mental note to hit her right upside her head when I seen her. Titi wasn't home when I left and neither was Trey. He had to go get a haircut and Titi said she had to go get someone from the airport. She had left before he and I had even got out of bed.

The address was only twenty minutes away but I had to stop for gas. I pulled my all white Range Rover up to the pump and hopped out.

"Mmm mmm mm. Hey Beautiful..." I heard a familiar voice say as I turned to see Zeek standing there.

"Hey you!" I said as a huge smile spread across my face.

I hadn't seen Zeek but we always made sure to keep space in between us. We both were physically attracted to the other and it only tempted us to be around each other.

"Where ya nigga?" He said looking inside my Range Rover for Trey.

"He said he was getting some stuff done today, hell I don't know and I don't care, as long as he's ready by eight-thirty tonight." I said taking the cap of the gas container.

"I hear that." He said eyeing me closely as I pumped the gas.

I felt like eyes were on us so I shifted my eyes quickly studying my surroundings and behold sitting in the parking spot in front of us, there was Dee. His presence sent chills up my spine and I shuttered at the fact that he was leaned up against his car staring at Zeek and I.

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