13. Sorceress Slaughter

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It all took a rapid change and he was groaning, falling off the chair and hitting the chair as he put a hand to his chest. I was by his side on my knees and hauling him up to touch his cheek, sniffing for any injuries unseen. "No," He choked. "No! I'm fine, Septimus," He sounded a little better, less winded. "Just means the line's been breached. Seth and Jun must be gathering the pack. We should go too."

I grunted, eyes scanning his form and seeing just a pale complexion. His wings were out and he was breathing slower, calmer. "Wow! What a rush!" He chuckled, playing off the pain I knew he was fighting back. "Don't worry; I can feel the magic still there. It's rushing back faster than I thought it would at first. But hey! At least the Sorceress is a little less powerful and the Demon blood hype? Gone."

"Like the only defence against that Witch you have," I grumbled but picked him up to his feet and frowned. "Get your sword. Stay close to me and for the Goddess' sake, stay out of whatever unnecessary trouble you can. You're like a magnet for that!"

He saluted me and looked a little better, hefting the sword up and shoving a sugary treat into his mouth. "Ret's goh!" He got out around the food and was hauling me to the window, opening it and falling out. I cursed but followed after him, his wings keeping him from hitting the ground too hard. The impact was a little more difficult for me and I grunted as I brushed myself off. I wasn't wearing a shirt, sure that as I shifted it'd be rags anyway. The pants, I didn't really want walking around without. He stood glued to my side, close enough that his scent wasn't tainted as I went up to the Front line to meet a stony-faced Jun and assured Seth. "Ready to report for duty!" Abe announced and I rolled my eyes.

Only him.

"Septimus, take care. I smell some bear shifters," Seth warned and I nodded. They'd be a little extra fun on the side and I glanced down to Abe as many of our Warriors shifted, pumped full of adrenalin and righteous anger at having our home being invaded. Abe kept up with their run just as I made sure to stay nearly glued to his side. The clearing we knew they'd cross to was too close for comfort to the main pack house but it meant we got there sooner.

Her scent hit me and my wolf was nearly tearing to get to her once I smelt a similar scent. Jun was already shifted and his huge golden lion was just a few inches bigger than my own silver wolf. My shift was a short burst of pain, my wolf having been cramped inside for so long but I bit out a warning to Abe before I was completely canine for him to stay close. He nodded up to me with a grin and was meeting the first lunge of an attacker with a wide slash of his blade, the head dislodged from the body with a clean cut. It looked like he had it sorted for now. My eyes turned to the smirk on the blonde leeches' lips and I was beserk. Blood, baying for it. I let my wolf take over.

Abe's POV

Call it a little quirk, maybe even a sadistic side to my award-winning personality, but this battle and the bloodiness it required was setting my body alight with happiness as I slashed left to right, wounding many and hacking three times more. Bodies fell in my wake and I was moving closer to my target. The sorceress looked a little worse for wear but nothing to do with physical attacks. She was neutralised for a short while, just as I was.

I hefted the handle of my broadsword over to my left, smirking as her 'trained' mutt guards fell before the outpour of my innate Demonic power. They were nothing. "Ah, if it isn't the one and only Morgana, Mistress of the Dark!" I jovially announced, bowing in a purely mocking gesture. "To what do we owe this pleasure?"

"An old friend," She said, but the twist of her painted lips was still not enough to cover up her nerves. "I believe she wished to meet her son after a prolonged absence. Catching up if you will."

"Lovely meeting, isnt it?" I asked, cocking a hip and looking around the battle-field. Thomas had his teeth around said mother's neck and didn't look too pleased. Still, more rogues fell on the pack Warriors. "Scones and butter are in order!"

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