13. Sorceress Slaughter

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Danger (BTS) Cause that is basically all that happens in this chapter! Enjoy:)

*Very roughly edited!*


As soon as Abe was awake, I was making sure he was eating the food I'd heard Frank come up and leave inside the door. I was too busy worrying and planning, trying to think of all these scenarios that I could think of solutions to. Then more.

None of them ended well.

I was having the time of my life.

"You look happy," Someone muttered and I snorted.

"Most definitely," I retorted, knowing he hated not being able to see what others were saying.

"Oh! Sarcasm!" Abe shouted, jumping out of the bed and trotting over to me. "Here," He plopped a coffee toffee into my mouth and I accepted the offering, knowing he'd only pout and whine some until I gave in. "You're getting better. I applaud you, dear sir."

"Shuddup," I mumbled, avoiding his eye. Already my wolf was getting more and more doting as my arms, on their own accord, wrapped around his waist and pulled him to my chest. "You're so annoying."

"You love it," He snorted, eyes sparkling. Was this a pixie thing? "What's the time Mr Wolf?"

Even as I fought the smile at that horrible joke, he was chomping down on the cinnamon scroll he'd left for this very occasion. "Nearly seven. The sun should be setting anytime now."

"This is a nice place. Spacious, clear. You even get a perfect view of the sunset up here," Abe rambled. "Your room, huh?"

"Ever since I came here as a kid. Seth and Jun tried to have me stay down there with the pack but my wolf was always aggressive and felt caged in. They cleared up this place for me the third night here. It took them the whole night and a lot of the pack pitched in," I said. "I never thought I'd find a family after my own were destroyed."

"Hey," Abe murmured, a hand touching my cheek. "You have this pack. You have me. No more pouty wolf otherwise I'll annoy you until you're grumpy again."

I snorted, shaking my head. "I'm not pouting. Or grumpy. Just... Stay near Jun and Seth? Even Max. No matter how much of an idiot, he's still one of the best fighters this pack has. At least by sticking close to him, I won't be all over the place worrying about you."

"I won't be getting into any trouble, Septimus!" He protested. "Honest! I'll be the most well-behaved as one can be in a brutal and bloody battle."

"I'm sorry if I can't really believe you on that," I remarked, dropping my head onto his shoulder. "But please, for my sake, stay near the alphas."

"I'll try," He said, and gone was the grinning idiot. He was solemn and trying to reassure me. "Really. I will stick close. You know I'm a good fighter. I can defend myself and if you'll let me, you as well."

With him having my back I wasn't so sure I'd be any less worried about possibilities involving Abe and violence. Still, he was powerful. But he was also very much mine to protect. "You better," I finally huffed, giving in and knowing that agreeing was easier than trying to dissuade him. He was stubborn to a fault and would never hesitate to protect those he was loyal to. "Otherwise I'm putting you in the shelter with the children and those not able to fight before this all begins."

"Too much, Seppy!" He shouted but still was smiling. "You know, I'm glad. I like the thought of protecting you as much as you've protected me. As partners should be. 50/50?"

He held up his pinkie with his sweet purple eyes and I shook that sappy love-sick tone out of my head to smile a little instead. A quirk of my lips was enough for him to beam up to me as I hooked my pinkie with his and he was laughing.

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