Liv Rooney

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Hey there! My name is Liv Rooney. You probably know me from the popular and famos TV show Sing It Loud. Yes, I am a Hollywood actress. I bet you think I am just a richtig snob, but let me tell you, you're wrong. Sure, I have my diva moments, but I am a normal girl, just like you. I go to Richwood High in Wisconsin with my twin sister Maddie. My best friend is Piper McLean. She goes there too. Her dad is the actor Tristan McLean, he played my bast friend's father in SIL, Piper and I met on the set.
Even though Piper is my best friend (Next to Madds!), I have to admit there is something strange about her. She sometimes just disappears for a few days and once I heard her talking to some masculine voice in the bathroom. The girls' bathroom! But when I walked in to check on it, there was nobody with her. And I know for sure that she doesn't have a cell phone. What's another strange fact.

It was a random thursday, when it happened. Piper and I were walking through the corridors talking about stuff, when suddenly this new girl stood infront of us. That would have been normal, it was just ... that thing had fire hair, a goat and a metal leg and red eyes! "Piper McLean. I waited so long to meet you. Many of the monsters in Tartarus talk about you and your small friends", it hissed. Piper shot her a cold look. " That doesn't surprise me. I killed lots of monsters during the giant war ", she responded cooly. "Wait a sec!", I interjected. " Piper, you killed?! And ... What is that?!!" Piper looked at me confusedly. Then she turned back to the 'girl ',said: "It was nice meeting you. Well, actually not so much." and stabbed her with a bronze knife. I didn't see her taking it out, but whatever. That surely wasn't the biggest mystery right now! "Liv, get Maddie and meet me at the parking lot", Piper said. I didn't know why, but I did what she told me. I went to my twin sister, who was talking with Willow, grabbed her arm and dragged her outside. "Liv! What are you doing?", she protested. "I really don't know, hun", I answered truthfully. Once we reached the parking lot, I saw Piper leaning against her car, wich was a red BMW i8. Gosh, I loved her car! And you should just imagine Joeys face when he first saw it! It was hilarious. But nevermind. I digress from the topic. Piper said: "Get in the car", and Maddie and I obeyed without a question. That was strange, I had loads of questions. Inside the BMW I said: "Piper! What the hell is going on?!" She didn't respond, she just mumbled to herself. I only under stood "both parents" and "doesn't make sense!" The only thing Maddie did was looking confused as f*ck. After hours of driving over the speed limit - it already started getting dark - Piper finally talked. "Liv, Maddie. You two can see through the mist. Therefore I have to tell you." "Tell us what?", Madds and I asked in sinc. "The greek and roman gods are real. Liv, that thing you saw was an empousa. A monster from greek mythology. I am a demigod. My mother is Aphrodite, the greek goddess of love and beauty. First I thought you would be demigods too, but you live with both of your parents, so I assume you guys are mortals who can see through the mist", Piper told us. I slowly nodded. "That would explain a lot of stuff. Maddie, remember when we were eleven? That cashier that only had one eye?" "Yeah! Or that time when we were swimming in the lake and that blue girl tried to pull us underwater", she said. Piper smirked. Then she said: "We are driving to a camp in Long Island, where demigods like me live. That's where I am when I disappear."

~~~ This line break's name is Detlef ~~~

Piper, Maddie and I exited the car. We walked up a hill, ontop of the hill was a pine tree. Next to the tree laid a gold dragon. Piper patted it's head and said: "Good boy, Peleus." Then she walked into the valley. Madds and I followed her. We reached a big blue house. Out came a horse man thing, I think it's called centaur. Hey, I might be blond, but I'm not dumb! "Piper, what are you doing here? It's almost midnight", he said. Then he spotted us. "New demigods?", he asked. "Hello Chiron", Piper responded. "No, they're mortals. But they can see through the mist. I thought it would be better to bring the here to teach them stuff." 'Chiron' nodded, to show he understood. "Well, you should sleep now. They can sleep in your cabin", he said. Piper smiled, said "Goodnight" and walked towards a pink cabin. She gäbe Maddie and me each a sleeping bag and went to sleep.

[To be continued... -> ]

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