It started with a stare

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Phoebe is a seventeen year old girl , who's family just moved from Denver , Colorado to San Francisco , California . With her mom Clarissa and two younger  siblings who are twins Cameron and Lilly .

"Phoebe come down  , I'm going to leave soon , hurry and come down if you want a ride to school "
Phoebe Mom Clarissa yells from down stairs.

Phoebe was currently sitting in her room debating whether or not she should wear her silky brown hair up or down , it's only the first day of school , no big deal , no need to make a good first impression. Or so she keeps repeating in her mind over and over again to convince herself.

"Phoebe !"

Finishing up with her hair and putting on her cute blue sweater Phoebe yells

"I'm coming,  I'm coming , you can stop yelling , while she walks down the steps to see her mom standing by the door.

"Well don't you look pretty", her mom says

"Thank You , Mom " she says flashing her sparkly white teeth

" When did you start calling me Mom, and stopped calling me Mommy " ?

"Since I grew up out of the kiddy pajamas , high pig tails and Hannah Montana book bags , Mom " Jane says with a smirk

" Oh no my baby has grown up on me "Clarissa says with an overly dramatic expression

Which causes Phoebe to roll her eyes

"Oh come on Mom , I'm seventeen now and it just dawned on you that I stopped calling you Mommy ?"

" Hey , I have a lot on my dealing with you kids , just give me second to catch up on the little things " she says with a laugh

"Okay , old lady" Phoebe says in a joking matter

" Alright ,let's go "

"Wait ,where's Cameron and Lilly  "

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