Chapter 17

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    The sound of serenading birds softly urged my body awake from my heavy sleep. When I opened my eyes, the light blinded them. I lifted my torso onto my forearm and looked around. I saw dark and cloudy skies outside of the window. It's going to rain soon. I turned my head, but a sharp pain stopped me. I lifted my arm and rubbed my head slightly.

  "Tch. What happened?" I asked myself, gaining a rather large and unpleasant headache. I sat up and brought my legs over the edge of the bed.

    "You shouldn't strain yourself." I look up and see Suji at the doorway, followed by Kisai. She had a bandage around her head. That's when everything came rushing back, and suddenly color in the world around me washed out a bit. 

    "How long have I been out?" I ask.

    "Only a day or two." He replied. I looked back out the window, already knowing the answer to my silent wonders.

    "He's gone."

    I sigh and nodded, leaning forward and standing from the bed. "I know."

    "Will you be alright?" Kisai asked. I smiled slightly and nodded, ignoring the dull pain. "We can always go and see him." She offered, although in the back of her mind, Kisai knew that was a long shot- what with the way things ended.

    "Maybe." I replied, which was just the answer Kisai was expecting.

    "During the invasion, the Third Hokage was killed. His funeral is today- everyone will be there." Suji informed me. I nodded and leaned my weight forward, standing to my feet.

    "That's good. Everywhere else is clear then."

    "Clear for what?" Kisai asked.

    "We need to get out of here." I said. Suji and Kisai looked at each other, then back at me with concern in their eyes. I sigh and look back out the window.

    "I'm not at peace with myself anymore. After what's happened, I just can't stay here. And meeting Mekura,I realized there's a lot of things I've left unattended for a long time." I tried explaining it to them, but it still wasn't coming out to them perfectly.

    "So you just want to leave? Without saying goodbye?" Suji asked. I nodded.

    "They won't let me leave; especially Naruto. But this is something I really feel like I have to do."

    "We understand.." They said. I smiled softly.

    "You..don't have to come with me. I'll understand if you've grown attached to this village." I told them.

    "We're more attached to you. C'mon we're a rag tag trio of misfits! Where else would we go if not with you?" Suji grinned. I smiled back.

    "You said you realized this after your encounter with Mekura," Kisai started, adjusting her glasses, "Does this mean that our destination happens to be...?"

    I nodded at her. "Yes. We're headed to my home, in the Village Hidden in the Zodiacs."  I affirmed. Suji gave me a worried look.

    "The funeral should be starting soon. Let's get all of our things together quickly."

    I finished securing a piece of parchment to my courier hawk's leg and gave it a treat as I whispered the destination to it. The hawk chirped at me before flying off.

    "Jinx, you ready-? Oh, what was that?" Suji asked, walking in. I looked at him.

    "It was a letter." I answered. Suji nodded.

    "To who?" He asked. I sighed and turned to watch the hawk again, nothing more now than a speck in the distance.

    "To my mother."


    Kisai, Suji, and I finally landed on the top of what was left of the village gates. It was raining gently.I looked over my shoulder one more time, memories of everything that's happened here over the last eight years flashing before me. I smiled gently, taking in a deep breath of the crisp rainy air.

    "Goodbye, Konoha."


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