Shades From Beyond: Crossing the Bridge

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    This is the story of a brother by the name of Flint Lillash that had always taken care of his older sister named Carol Lillash. One day Flint heard a female voice by the Georgia bridge of Poole's Mill Bridge that instructed him to help his sister to cross the bridge so that she could be with the love of her life which was a man by the name of Rolf Conroy whose family had been business rivals of the Lillash family for many decades. Carol's car had broken down before she could reach her destination. The voice said to Flint that her name was Angela just like an aunt that Flint had known when he was younger.

     While they were both on the bridge Carol told Flint that she was actually pregnant with Rolf's child. She also told Flint that she secretly married Rolf about seven months before. Melody Champine who was a friend of Carol's was a witness to the marriage and Rolf had Pat Culver to be his witness. Flint had been driving suspecting that his sister had a big secret to tell him and he was not wrong.

     The voice of Angela told Flint to take Carol to Rolf since his father Mick Lillash was suspecting that Carol was up to something. Flint remembered how his father beat up his sister if she defied him in any way. Flint also knew that if his father found out what he knew that he would beat Carol so badly that she would lose the baby. Flint did not want any more harm to come to his sister so he decided to help her out in her time of need.

     Angela's voice then warned Flint to duck and as he did he literally dodged a bullet. As it turns out Mick Lillash had sent his enforcer and right hand man Eric Segasser to bring back Carol to him. Flint told Carol to get inside his car and to cross the bridge so that she could go to Rolf Conroy and be safe. Carol did not want to leave Flint behind because she knew that her father would give Flint a ferocious punishment that would be extremely painful.

     Carol got Flint's gun which he had on his glove compartment and gave it to him. The voice of Angela which Flint heard in his head guided Flint safely so that he could get the drop on Eric which he did by knocking him out by hitting him hard with his gun. Flint then went back to Carol and they both got inside his car and crossed the bridge. After crossing the bridge Flint did not continue to hear the voice of Angela in his head. Afterwards, Flint took Carol to Rolf's property and Rolf decided to help Flint by offering him a job at his family's produce company. By having Flint with him Rolf would keep Carol's brother safe away from her father just like he had promised Carol. The next time Flint heard the voice of an Angela was when his niece Angela who turned out to be Rolf and Carol's daughter went to seek counsel from her uncle who became a successful business man that always looked out for a better future for his sister and his niece Angela who was responsible when she was old enough to bring an end to the feud of the Lillash and the Conroy family.

                                                               The End

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