" happy birthday "

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Harleigh glanced up at me with curious eyes. I ran a finger over her curly hair and held her finger. She gripped my finger tightly, sucking her pink and purple pacifier hard. I chuckled some and kissed her cheeks. Today was Savannah's birthday. She was still in some pain so, there really wasn't much we could do. But I had planned for us to go out for the night, just to do a little something. Nothing too much to make her be in more pain than she already was. Regina was in the kitchen preparing a big breakfast and Ms. Melissa sat next to me on the sofa, folding some of the laundry. They were both were staying to watch Harleigh while Savannah and I prepared to jump back into our busy routines.

"She's a good, quiet baby." Melissa smiled. "Haven't heard her cry once."

"Oh well you must've been deaf last night." I chuckled. "She really gave us a hard time."

"You'll get used to it." She nodded. "When you're nervous or anxious, she can sense that. So it makes her uncomfortable and that's what makes her cry. You have to be patient and not get frustrated with her."

"Savannah really tries but she's so exhausted." I sighed. "I doubt she'll even get up to eat her breakfast. And her assistant is already suggesting she starts working out so she'll be ready for photoshoots in a few weeks."

"That's not healthy." Melissa scrunched her face up. "She needs time to recover. A week and three days is definitely not enough time to be fully recovered from labor."

"I know, I know. But, that's what they are expecting of her. We have to start traveling again soon for the shoots too. I think Harleigh will be about a month old when we come down to Atlanta for a photoshoot and fashion show."

"Wow." Melissa said with wide eyes. "It's about to get pretty hectic around here then."

"Yeah, I guess." I focused my attention back down to Harleigh.

Her pacifier hung half way out of her mouth and she had already attempted to kick her socks off. I laughed and held her up some, supporting her head. Her tiny head bobbled around while she kept sticking her tongue out. I lightly tapped her lip with the end of her pacifier and made a silly face. She started smiling, exposing her dimple in her left cheek. She kept clicking her tongue and kind of whining.

"My angel is hungry." Regina noted, walking into the living room with a plate for me and Melissa. "Her mommy needs to wake up so she can eat anddddd so we can sing her happy birthday."

I stood up with Harleigh against my chest and went upstairs where Savannah was. She was sleeping so peacefully, I felt bad for waking her up. I sat on the side of the bed and lightly shook her. She covered her face and groaned. I thought she looked beautiful, her grayish eyes fluttered open and she yawned, running her fingers through her messy copper colored hair.

"She's hungry isn't she?" She blew a piece of hair out of her face.

I nodded and she held her arms open. I laid her in her arms and laid back on the bed. Savannah pulled her shirt down some and Harleigh immediately latched on. I watched Savannah's face turn up some and I sighed.

"Why don't you just pump the milk baby? I know that's uncomfortable."

"I didn't have time." She rubbed her eyes with her free hand.

"Well.. happy birthday." I pecked her lips. "The big 18."

"Thank you." She smiled.

"I got some stuff planned for us today." I said to her. "So after she eats and burps, start getting ready."

"Where we going?" She said while playing with Harleigh's fingers.

"It's a surprise." I smiled, laughing when she rolled her eyes.

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