Chapter 22

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Sienna's POV

Hey, Amy you remember Amber?  Yeah the daughter of the woman your dad plans to marry?  Well you caught her making out with your boyfriend Carter in class today, and he seemed to have enjoyed it alot.  (ASSHOLE)  The bad news is he denied ever liking you, ever going out with you in front of the whole class. 

Yeah that might do it.


Well what other option do I get?  Either way, I get killed by my best friend for being the messager, or for not telling her and letting her think Carter is her one true love.  (Ugghh makes me wanna throw up *******gag******)  I think I’ll just tell her the whole thing.  That way, it will be bout of our way.

“Um Amy?

-Yeah?”  I could hear her dropping the soap in the tub. “Oops, yeah sorry what is it?”

My throat was dry and I could feel my heart beating hundreds of times per second.  Oh oh.

“Um well there’s something I have to tell you......”  And I told her the same thing I had rehearsed in my head.


Amy' s POV


I dropped the bar of soap again in the bathtub.  While I was bending down to pick it up, I could hear Sienna on the other side of the shower curtain mumbling to herself and pacing on the bathroom floor.  I couldn't quite understand what she was saying but it seemed like she was cussing on my boyfrie... well now my ex-boyfriend, I guess. 

Tears were streaming down my face, mixing with the hot water from the shower.  I can't believe I zoned out AGAIN.  I still remember how distressed my father and Sienna had been when I had denied my mother's death. 

I'm happy this time Sienna decided to face-slap me with the news or else it would have been totally humiliating for me to act as Carter's girlfriend tomorrow when he rejected me and broke-up with me the way he did. 

Wow, I still can't believe he did this and with my nemesis Amber on top of that.  What an asshole!  He doesn't even deserve that I cry for him.  Stupid tears, stop falling!!!  I needed to compose myself for when I get out of the shower. 

I don't want a pity party with Sienna.  I want her to think I don't care anymore about that jerk.  Though I know I love him.  I mean you can't magically turn the switch off in a day.  That's for people who didn't even care about the other person.  Well not me, I was in deep.

I rapidly rinsed off and turned off the shower.  I was going to step out, when I remembered Sienna was still in the bathroom. 

"Sienna, can you pass me a towel please?"

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