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Here's the first poem, if you know any quotes or poems please let me know.


                                                      Hope you like it :)


A Father Loves a Daughter - Author: Kristin Rose

A father loves a daughter

Like no other love on earth.

From the day that he first meets her

Nothing can compare her worth.

Forever are they bonded

With a love that never fails.

For always he will hug her

And kiss goodnight with fairy tales.

He will love her and protect her

With strong arms just in case

But will also hug her tenderly

With a fatherly embrace.

Eskimo kisses touch her nose

With a giggle and a squeeze

And that sparkle in her little eyes

Could bring him to his knees.

What more could any father want

Than a daughter so sweet and pure

There's nothing in this world so rare

Of that he can be sure.

A fathers love is so unique

It cannot be replaced

He will always treasure times with her

And the memories embraced.

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